U.S. Men's National Team

Beckerman, Johnson, Torres look forward to USA-Mexico friendly

  • Old School

    I know Beckerman has his fair share of haters, detractors and non-believers but I love the guy and respect his game.


  • Raymon

    Yah. I expected a few more “Dude”s and “Right on”s in his dialect. Somewhat disappointed that he sounds like an Ivy League English major.


  • Old School

    If you hear him talk about Mexico, you can hear the respect but also rivalry in his voice/words.

    Maybe I’m projecting but I took that away from his soundbites.

    Also, people may think I’m crazy but I’d take 11 Beckerman’s over 11 Chandler’s every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

    Say what you will but I truly mean that.


  • WTFman

    I’ll take a double serving of Beckerman on a lonely Saturday night too….if yaknowahdahmean! ;0


  • Old School

    Using my name to respond is fun….although Ives can track the IP address.

    Just sayin…


  • Ryan Nanez

    haha i think the WTF stands for want to F*** aint nothing wrong if he actually is gay tho


  • Benny

    Pretty interesting note:
    In that 0-0 draw in 1997 WC qualifying match in Azteca, the U.S. was reduced to 10 men when Jeff Agoos was shown a red in the 32nd minute for elbowing Mexico’s Pavel Pardo. The USA also was without four regular starters in goalkeeper Kasey Keller (thumb) and midfielders Claudio Reyna (suspension), Tab Ramos (ACL) and Earnie Stewart (calf).

    Nov.2 1997


  • Louis Z

    I don’t hate the guy, just don’t think he is the best DM player we have. For my money I would like to see Williams


  • iheartscotch

    Off topic- but I was just watching some old videos to get pumped up and saw Holden and Davies. I’ve come to terms with Davies not making it back as he cant even get regular time with club right now but does anyone have an injury/timeline update on Holden getting back to training with Bolton?


  • Illmatic74

    I have no idea. Holden and Wilshere must have angered some spirits when they were at Bolton together. They have both been cursed when it comes to injuries.


  • Spank

    No, it was a valid question. And thanks for the clip cuz i acutally did want to watch.


  • USMNT Fan

    Based on the video we could see this:



  • GW

    I don’t know. They must have old Behind the Crest videos. I remember Fabian having much more of an accent in interviews around the time of the A & B qualifier.

    Of course,it is likely that he now feels much more at ease, though how that would impact his accent I’m not sure. Anyway he seems quite happy and at ease.


  • GW

    Those “cliffs” look like some sort of “El Morro” (castle) structure.

    Pretty unique for a practice facility.


  • GW

    The last return date I remembered was October this year. But I’m thinking they will be very conservative.

    Bolton has kept a pretty good squad together and the thinking seems to be when Stu and Lee return from injury it will be like buying a new midfield.

    Obviously promotion is job one.


  • wildchild

    Yeah for sure! That practice facility is dope! Agree that Beckerman is very articulate. Torres surprised me! You’d think for how much time he spends down South that he’d have more of anaccent but sounds straight from good ol boy Tejas!


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