UEFA Champions League

Bedoya set for UEFA Champions League taste against former rival Celtic

Bedoya (Getty Images)

When Alejandro Bedoya moved from Orebro to Rangers last summer, he figured to play in crucial matches against Celtic. A year later, his jersey has changed once more, but the opportunity to take down the Scottish power has presented itself once again. 

Bedoya's new club, Swedish champion Helsingborg, takes on Celtic in the first leg of their UEFA Champions League final playoff round tie on Tuesday (2:30 p.m., Fox Soccer Channel). Helsingborg hosts the first leg, and the prize for the aggregate winner is a coveted place in the Champions League group stage.

Celtic manager Neil Lennon addressed the threat that Bedoya poses for his side, telling the BBC that," No doubt he will be a threat. We had him watched at the weekend, he scored a very good goal, and I think he, more than most, will be motivated to play us." 

Bedoya, who did not play against Celtic last season with Rangers, enters the match coming off his debut for Helsingborg, one in which he scored off a bicycle kick to mark his successful return to Sweden.

The Helsingborg-Celtic matchup is just one of five across Europe on the day, and if you will be watching the match, please feel free to share any thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

The full schedule for Tuesday's Champions League final qualifying round matches is after the jump:


12 p.m. – Fox Soccer Plus/FoxSoccer2Go – Spartak Moscow vs. Fenerbahce

2:30 p.m. – Fox Soccer Channel/FoxSoccer2Go – Helsingborg vs. Celtic

2:30 p.m. – FoxSoccer2Go – FC Basel vs. CFR Cluj

2:30 p.m. – FoxSoccer2Go – FC Copenhagen vs. Lille

2:30 p.m. – FoxSoccer2Go – Borussia Monchengladbach vs. Dynamo Kiev

  • ET

    I want you to read your comment again,it sounds wrong, for a guy to say to another guy. I’m sorry, I know you didn’t mean it in that context, but it does sound kind of weird.


  • ANM

    re: Neil Lennon’s quote: “I think he, more than most, will be motivated to play us.”

    Doubtless Bedoya will be up for the game, but the notion that he will be somehow more motivated than others because he used to be at Rangers is just daft. Players do not quickly take on the obsessions of their fanbase; for them, these clubs are primarily employers. Bedoya was at Rangers for a year, and was at best a marginal player. I don’t think he cares a hoot whether his opponents are Celtic or Celta Vigo.


  • Smacking

    I think you’re undervaluing the culture around a club like Rangers. I don’t have any inside information, but spend a year with a group of people and you’re bound to absorb some of the passion. Overtime that yields, but he was there just a few months ago. Furthermore, I can’t imagine any player transferring to Rangers or Celtic doesn’t fantasize about playing in the Old Firm matchup. Bedoya never got a chance. This isn’t the same, but I have no doubt he’s looking forward to playing Celtic.


  • Darwin

    Bedoya told a Swedish newspaper: “I was a sub in a derby at Parkhead so I can tell Helsingborgs about the atmosphere of hatred coming down from the stands.

    “I had my car damaged by Celtic fans but these things happen. I will be extra ready and have promised my old pals at Rangers to do one last thing for them by knocking Celtic out.

    “I got a lot of messages from Rangers friends. They told me: ‘Knock Celtic out of the Champions League.’”



  • slowleftarm

    You’d figure Rangers fans would be more worried about beating the likes of Elgin and Peterhead.


  • ANM

    Fair point. I hadn’t heard about the car thing.

    I suppose when you have segments of fanbases that are so dumb that they trash opposing players’ cars then, contra my original statement, it can get personal quickly.


  • Vic

    Interesting. Since he’s from Colombian heritage I assume he’s Catholic. Wonder if he has any divided loyalties.


  • Big Jock Knows

    You’d figure Ceptic fans would be more worried about beating the likes of Ross County…oh wait, they didn’t.


  • Ben

    Does no member of the media have any idea what is going on with Dempsey right now? Whither reporters?


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