Bolt angles for Manchester United trial

Bolt angles for Manchester United trial

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Bolt angles for Manchester United trial

Bolt (Getty Images)

The world's fastest man thinks he can offer some assistance to one of the world's most storied soccer clubs.

Usain Bolt, who set an Olympic record in the 100-meter dash with his 9.63-second run on Sunday to capture his second straight gold medal in the event, claims that he could make a difference for Manchester United if given the opportunity for a trial, something that he is reportedly serious about taking on before he departs England after the conclusion of the Olympics.

"People think I am joking. But if Alex Ferguson called me up and said, ‘OK let’s do this, come and have a trial’, it would be impossible for me to say no," the 6-foot-5 Jamaican sprinter told The Sun (UK). "I would not take up the challenge if I didn’t think I was good enough. I am a very accomplished player and know I could make a difference. I would be the fastest player in the team — but I can play as well. I am in Britain for a few more days. If Alex Ferguson wants to give me a call he knows where I am."

Manchester United centerback Rio Ferdinand offered his support via Twitter, telling Bolt, "If you want that trial at Man Utd shout me, I'll speak to the boss!!" Following Bolt's preliminary heat in the 200-meter dash on Tuesday, Ferdinand said, "u are jogging the 200m,this isn't fare (sic)! We'll put you upfront, just run behind defences + scholes will find you but #CanYouFinish."


Would you want to see Bolt try his hand at professional soccer? What do you think about Bolt's comments? If it doesn't work out with Manchester United, should an MLS side step up and offer him a trial like Sporting Kansas City did for Chad Ochocinco last year?

Share your thoughts below.

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