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CCL Thursday: Your Running Commentary

SEA_Primary_COL      HOU_Primary_COL

A pair of MLS teams take to the road in CONCACAF Champions League play aiming for results that will help take them one step closer to the knockout stage.

The Seattle Sounders are in Trinidad and Tobago to face Caledonia, a team Seattle handled at CenturyLink Field 3-1 on Aug. 2. Caledonia has taken just one point from its two CCL games, and the Sounders can bury their opponent at the bottom of Group 4 with a road result.

The Houston Dynamo, meanwhile, have travelled to Honduras, where Designated Player Oscar Boniek Garcia's former team, Olimpia, will host their Group 3 matchup. Both teams have taken three points off Salvadoran foe CD FAS, making the head-to-head meetings all the more important. Olimpia currently leads the group via goal differential.

Here is the viewing schedule for the night's matches:

8 p.m. – Fox Soccer Channel – Caledonia vs. Seattle Sounders

10 p.m. – Fox Soccer Channel – Olimpia vs. Houston Dynamo

If you will be watching tonight's matches, please feel free to share any thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below. Enjoy the action.

  • beachbum

    the Panamanian official Perea and his crew were very good last night in Carson

    hoping for same for both of tonight’s contests


  • beachbum

    you can see how high the grass is there as the goal kick does not get out of the Caledonian area…lol


  • chris

    This referee in HOU game is a complete joke. Count Dracula gives straight red to Sturgis for a clear yellow and a yellow to HON player in the offisive box for a clear red tackle.

    WHy do we have to suffer these MEX refs in international play? I’d almost prefer Pendergrast!


  • Path

    Other than the missed hand ball in the area by Hainault that was a pretty solid referee


  • the Explosions

    “Deliberate stomp”? please. The ref allowed tons of rough play, then pulls out the red for that? Yes, it is a yellow (but not if it had happened in the first half according to that ref), but a straight red card right around 60 min? right after Dynamo pulls it level? I call shenanigans. The only call that seemed to go the Dynamo’s way in the second half was the uncalled handball.


  • chris

    I am biased. Biased towards an honest, capable man in the center. I have seen stomps, and that was not one. A foul, yellow, sure.

    Further, you want to talk bias – I see the timestamp on your reply – you should check your bias at the door as the from behind, cynical, late and dangerous tackle from behind, in the Houston box by an Olympia attacker was clearly a red given the standard set, and earned only a yellow. You seem to not recall or have conveniently ignored this, hunh?


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