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Dynamo vs. Red Bulls: Match Night Commentary

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The top two teams in the Eastern Conference battle for first place as the Houston Dynamo welcome the New York Red Bulls to BBVA Compass Stadium (8 p.m., NBC Sports Network) in a Friday night bout fit for primetime.

The match — the first of two consecutive ones between the two clubs — marks the MLS debut of New York Designated Player Tim Cahill, who went 45 minutes and drew a penalty kick against Tottenham in Tuesday night's friendly. He'll try and help a New York side, that has Kenny Cooper on the bench to begin the game and Heath Pearce at right back, become the first visiting team to win at Houston's new stadium, where opponents are 0-7-3.

Houston, meanwhile, is on a four-game winning streak and has not lost in seven matches overall. New DP Oscar Boneik Garcia and in-form left winger Brad Davis will look to spearhead another Dynamo victory, while second-year forward Will Bruin returns from a calf injury that caused him to miss one game.

If you will be watching tonight's match, please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Commentary is after the jump):


  • Riabate

    Conde’s flaw is length of time he holds onto the ball before passing…let’s see if he makes a change.


  • Wasabi Papichulo Oso

    3-1 Bulls… Tim Cahill has his first. Henry takes the other 2. On goal by Cahill.


  • john.q

    dat national anthem was really good.

    red bulls always look sharp in the blue/yellow combo.


  • ManicMessiah

    Not really a surprise to see the midfield get outworked when it’s 97 degrees out and you’re starting two guys coming back from injuries and a guy who’s been in pre-season and played 45 minutes of game time with you.

    Pearce is being handled by Kandji, even more so if he’s allowed to grab and bring him to the ground.


  • baldomero123

    Is it so hot in Houston? I don’t get it. What are those 10 philosophers in Red Bulls uniforms are doing on the soccer field? No urgency, no passion. Maybe they think they will win on pure class? It never wins, and their class is not so pure.


  • CSD

    Houston is playing like they know each other. Bulls look like they are playing a pick up game.


  • Roger

    @ the Dymamo game. REd bulls look like crap. I hope the Dynamo face the Red Bulls in the playoffs.


  • Tony in Quakeland

    I’m not even a red bulls fan and watching them makes me angry. Legendary awfulness.


  • baldomero123

    BTW, why do I have a frantic feeling for the third Bulls’ game already that Le Toeux (sp?) is a bust?


  • Ben

    Not that it can happen, but Conde should have his contract revoked tomorrow for that crap. You’re on a field with Henry and Cahill and you pull that?


  • Ben

    Backe has to go after this season. They haven’t been terrible but nowhere as close to as good as they should be.


  • ManicMessiah

    It’s much more enjoyable to watch putting things into perspective. Even a little while ago watching that game would’ve driven me crazy.

    For those who are annoyed, just repeat to yourself– ‘chris heck is out. chris heck is out.’

    I think most fans would’ve taken a couple of bad games if that was the trade off.

    Not that I’m glad he got fired or anything, but it’s clear he’d annoyed a certain number of fans, for justifiable reasons from my perspective.


  • Mike

    Love the “missing key players” excuses…. The dynamo just lost a league star CB/CM to a premier league club… Dax McCarty aint anywhere near that.


  • georkt

    Spot on my friend; I’ll trade the consecutive road stinkers for Heck’s dismissal. Kudos to Houston, they were the class of this match but how come they can sell out their stadium with empty seats and nobody says a word?


  • hogatroge

    Just because you buy a ticket doesn’t mean your butt has to be in the seat come game time.

    Sometimes season ticket holders can’t make the game and can’t dump off their tickets. People make other plans and we’re not talking about free 50 yard line NFL tix.


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