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Kamara scores for both sides as Red Bulls earn road draw vs. Sporting Kansas City

KeiKamara (Getty)

The New York Red Bulls went into Livestrong Sporting Park hoping to pull off an upset and grab first place in the Eastern Conference back from Sporting Kansas City.

They fell short of that goal, but still came away with a result that keeps them very much in position to potentially catching Sporting KC further down the road.

Thanks to a Kei Kamara own goal that canceled out Kamara's own fourth-minute goal for the home team, the Red Bulls came away with a 1-1 draw on Sunday. The tie kept New York two points behind Sporting KC for first place in the East with two more match-ups between the two teams coming in the next six weeks.

Sporting KC enjoyed a dream start when Kamara headed home a Teal Bunbury pass into an open net in the fourth minute after Red Bulls goalkeeper Bill Gaudette got caught off his line. Sporting KC controlled the matches for long stretches, but couldn't break through a resolute Red Bulls defense, which tightened up after that early blunder.

The Red Bulls equalized in the 28th minute when a Sebastien LeToux free kick aimed at Tim Cahill forced Kamara to head the ball into his own net.

The rest of the match was a physical and scrappy fight that included 32 fouls and five yellow cards. The Red Bulls nearly stole the game late, but Dax McCarty took a bad touch on a clear chance in the dying seconds.

Here are the match highlights:

What did you think of the match? Who impresssed you on the night? See the Red Bulls catching Sporting KC for first place in the East?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Rabid RBNY

    Sets up an exciting end to the season and should be a gritty Eastern Comferance Playoffs.


  • The Dream

    Home field advantage will be such a huge difference maker when you look at the home records of teams like NYRB and Houston. KC needs to improve their offensive chances if they want to keep possession of the East.


  • NaranjaFanatic

    I can think of an argument for nine different clubs to win MLS Cup right now. Most leagues around the world only a couple teams even have a snowball’s chance in hell when the season opens. Part of it is the potential for each of these clubs to step up and be awesome. The other part is the tendency for each of these clubs to piss away opportunities at any given moment. It’s gut wrenching but it’s great. I love it!


  • JayMah

    Most leagues (if not ALL) are won by the club with the best record not by playoffs. End of story.


  • Brain Guy

    Oh, Dax, Dax, Dax – why not take a one-timer? I feel like RBNY left two points on the field.

    Did Gaudette make his first significant mistake there? Should he have stayed on his line with Holgersson battling with Bunbury? And how does big, strong Holgersson get both outrun and outmuscled – again?

    Can anyone explain the problem between Cooper and Le Toux, (who was waving his arms more than a traffic cop)?

    KC plays a little ugly and a little chippy. Collin is a red card waiting to happen — he elbowed two Red Bulls in the head and got only a yellow. KC is good, but far from invincible. Can’t wait for the rematches.


  • jayboy

    Yes! When Dax took that touch I literally yelled “No! Why!?!?!” The ball from Cahill, I think, was perfect, and he was wide open in the middle. He could have even just feinted in one direction or something. Instead he completely botched the chance.


  • Steve C

    So, they mentioned last night that Henry was in NY for the birth of his son. Would that make the little Henry eligible to play for the USMNT? lol


  • joe k

    in the second half, le toux also skied a ball over the bar when he was leaning the wrong way where cahill could have taken it in stride if he left it.


  • joe k

    that was clearly gaudette’s fault — if you’re going to come off your line outside the 18, you better be damn sure you get there first.


  • Starks

    Kc had most of the possession but as backe stated it wasnt quality possession and save for two missed chances by letoux and dax the redbulls offense was no where to be found really ugly game. In a few years guys like collen will be out of the league as the quality keeps improving. As an bny fan i am happy with the tie but not happy with the lineups and lack of midfield linkage and quality of passing and i will say thisntianio looked awful yesterday awful passes medicine balls all night long. He sucks and why take cooper out instead of le toux?.?l. Backe leaves me scratching my head sometimes.


  • Brain Guy

    Vermes must be something to listen to in the locker room. From the way his veins were bulging on the sideline, I thought he might assault both Collin and the fourth official.


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