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MLS Disciplinary Committee fines and suspends Robson

Barry Robson Whitecaps (Getty Images)

The MLS Disciplinary Committee have received plenty of flak this season for some of their decisions, but the latest suspension they handed out is sure to raise more than a few eyebrows and questions.

Hours before the Vancouver Whitecaps were set to take on rivals the Seattle Sounders, the MLS Disciplinary Committee banned Vancouver midfielder Barry Robson one game and fined him an undisclosed amount. The suspension has to be served immediately, meaning the Whitecaps Designated Player will miss the Sounders match.

Robson received the punishment for his 'aggravated dissent' against a match official in this past Wednesday's 2-0 loss to FC Dallas.

What do you think of the MLS Disciplinary Committee's decision to suspend Robson hours before kickoff? Does the process need to be looked at further so that this does not happen again, or are you okay with it?

Share your thoughts below.

  • beachbum

    hours before kickoff? how often have they done it hours before kickoff before? if it’s rare of not done typically, then the BS stank on this reeks harshly

    if this had been before a matchup with the Galaxy the howls would be to the moon!


  • Right-call

    Should have happened sooner, but right call. Ref should have handed out a yellow.


  • J.M.

    Honestly, a long time coming. He constantly is barking at the referee all game long. While the offense in this particular case may not match the punishment, his collective actions up to this point have earned it.


  • Tyler

    Given what he did and the timing of this, this smells horribly like some BLATANT favoritism. This screws Vancouver’s entire line up. Hours before kick off?


  • Shane

    I dont care if the timing is bad, Robson deserves it. As others have said always bitching. His teammates should ban him for all the times he throws his arms up in the air blaming others for the fact the he is too slow and cant hold the ball.


  • tif_nee

    hours before kickoff is wrong for an immediate suspension. the disciplinary committee should have a time limit, perhaps 24 hours after a game to dole out any reprimand.


  • WiscFan

    +1 – He earned the suspension, but a coaching staff needs to know which players they can select. Especially before a rivalry match.


  • Brain Guy

    When he next needs to go off to play in somebody’s testimonial match or some such thing . . .


  • Korglass

    The MLS Disciplinary Committee’s mission is to make soccer a kinder, gentler politically correct game to please the corporate sponsors. A passionate appeal on the field needs to be handled on the field by the ref. Having a bunch of officious soccer mommies go into indignant overdrive after the fact makes a mockery of MLS’s attempt to gain world respect. If the ref didn’t handle it properly at the time, direct the ire at him. The unfair last minute suspension shows either monumental incompetence or prejudice against one team.


  • Gnarls

    MLS officiating is a farce. I caught the highlights of Toronto-SKC and saw the red card given then taken away for Amerikwa’s “outburst” at the ref. I don’t know if it was card-worthy, but giving a red then changing one’s mind sends a message like “I’m indecisive and have little control of this match.” Way to put your foot down, ref.


  • Ben

    Yeah, that was a very weird moment in the SKC-Toronto game. I mean, first of all, you probably shouldn’t give someone a red for dissent unless they just said something about your mother so obscene that it literally has never been said before, but once you decide to pull the card out, you gotta stick to it or you look pretty soft.


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