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Modric signs five-year deal with Madrid

Luka Modric Madrid (Getty Images)

Real Madrid are in need of boost after a sluggish start to the La Liga season, and they are hoping Luka Modric will help provide that.

Modric's long-rumored move to Real Madrid from Tottenham Hotspur became official on Monday, with the Croatian international undergoing a medical at the Bernabeu Stadium after agreeing to a five-year deal with the Spanish heavyweights. The transfer fee agreed upon between the clubs was reportedly $47.4 million, and it gives Real Madrid another attacking weapon to go along with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Gonzalo Higuain and Angel di Maria.

Madrid has gotten off to a slow start in La Liga, settling for a draw with Valencia on opening weekend before falling to Getafe this past Sunday. They currently trail Barcelona by five points the league standings.

Happy to see this Modric saga end? Think he will help Real Madrid turn things around? How do you look back on his time with Tottenham?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Vic

    Less playing time for Kaka, not sure thats a good thing, especially since he’s recovered most of his form.


  • LA G

    How can RM keep spending like this and still adhere to the UEFA spending constraints?!


  • RLW2020

    in deed, but still someone they could use. its gotta happen this week! spurs or anywhere..


  • Eurosnob

    Not as insane as Andy Carroll’s transfer. Modric is much better player and the transfer fees are comparable.


  • Old School

    “Your”…..Spurs. Did you mean San Antonio? Because I think the Spurs you’re referencing spend £’s & not $$$.


  • Jay

    If Gio cant get playing time and he is the best player in concacaf you think Dempsey will. Besides where would he play?


  • Old School

    I think you’d be alarmed at how much revenue Real Madrid generate from; television, broadcasting rights, marketing & merchandise.

    IIRC, only one club, Arsenal, generated more of a net profit than any European club over Madrid. When you compare how much Arsenal spent and how much Real Madrid spent, that is incredible.

    Basically, Madrid can go out and spend $100 million in the transfer market, each off-season and likely still make a profit along with being within the FFP.

    This is to say nothing of the ways you can get around the rules, ala Man City and their £400m/10 year deal with Etihad.

    Funny enough (and something people may or may not know), Etihad are owned by the Abu Dhabi government. Of course, City’s owner Sheikh Mansour, is a member of the Abu Dhabi royal family.

    Conflict of interest? Yes. In line with the FFP? Yes.

    …if there are rules, someone will find a way around them.


  • ChrisTheLSUTiger

    So someone who has scored exactly 0 goals in the premier league is better than someone who made the EPL Best XI last year? Ok. Yeah. You’re an idiot.


  • Old School

    AC Milan are cheap and want everyone for free/loan. I don’t think Madrid are willing to let his services go without a transfer fee.


  • BSU SC

    Completely different players, but for $47 million Tottenham can literally buy the USMNT starting XI. I’m hopeful that Dempsey can get on their radar.


  • Thebumswillalwayslose

    So I’d imagine he slots in in place of Khedira, yeah?

    Alonso – Modric

    With one of the two of Higuain and DiMaria, plus Khedira and Kaka available off the bench.

    That doesn’t suck.


  • biff

    I would not be surprised to see Khedira leave Madrid by Friday. You read it here, folks. And, as a Madrid fan, I have my fingers crossed that Madrid loses the next four games and Jose gets fired. Love Madrid, cannot stand Jose.


  • Drew

    Odd you should say that, because I’m pretty sure Real Madrid paid Spurs in euros, not pounds. That’s the funny thing about money: it can easily be converted between currencies. There’s nothing wrong with what RChris said.


  • RChris

    Old school, you are so proper and wise. I’m sorry that I refer to my favorite PL team as “my” team. I also apologize for using the monetary symbol that the country I live in uses (just like the article we are commenting on). Your insight has been tremendously helpful to me, and I am now a better person.


  • BCC

    Uh, Khedira leaving has been discussed quite a few times in the last couple months.

    Who would you like to replace Mourinho?


  • Eurosnob

    Unlike Gio, who could not get playing time or even make the bench, Dempsey was a regular starter on an EPL team last season and was the 4th highest scorer in the EPL (No. 1 among midfielders). So, yes, Dempsey has proven that he can produce at the EPL and will get playing time. As for Gio, he is talented, but he is yet to prove that he belongs at the EPL. Most EPL teams play a very different style from El Tri, which is one of the reasons for his struggles. Plus, Gio’s former coach questioned his commitment and Gio would have done better if he stayed away from nightclubs and was on time to practice. I think Gio could do well in a more technical league, such as La Liga. Perhaps AVB will find a way to utilize Gio’s talents or he gets traded to another team that fits his abilities better.


  • Old School

    I’m sure you’ve spent time in London, attended tons of Tottenham matches and are a native Brit living in the States.

    All that aside, support MLS and quit calling foreign clubs “your club”, please.


  • BCC

    But I would love to see him talk to Ronaldo about playing a lot more defense. RM definitely needs to play more bunker ball.


  • bryan

    such a waste of money. we should have spent our money on defense. we have khedira and alonso already. and i would have rather used sahin when one of those two needed rest. instead, now we have modric and have to choose between khedira, alonso, and modric. and since we know alonso isn’t going to sit, that means khedira is. and that sucks.

    this was a waste of money in my eyes.


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