MLS- Real Salt Lake

Real Salt Lake 2, Tauro FC 0: Match Highlights

  • Kevin_amold

    I missed tonight’s game but, if the highlights tell the story, it looks like RSL fully deserved their win.

    If that was a straight red on Beckerman, then it seemed harsh. If it was a second yellow, I’m cool with that decision.

    RSL HAS to stop picking up reds in this tournament. Obvious statement of the year, I know, but it’s killing them.


  • Redline

    It was a more-than-well-deserved straight red card. Not even worth arguing about it.


  • RSLfan

    Yeah, I hate replay, b/c when I first saw it before the replay last night I was all righteously indignant about bad CONCACAF refereeing, but after the replay I was just so disappointed in Kyle’s stupid and needless challenge…


  • Old School

    Nicely done by Beckerman.

    Missed the match but these highlights make it seem as if RSL should have scored 7+ goals.


  • divers suck

    Studs up, not close to the ball but making contact that close to the family jewels? Strait red certainly deserved.


  • bhaslem

    They needed to show Will Johnson’s vaudevillian flop near the end of the game, mocking Tauro’s timewasting. It was hilarious.


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