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Report: Wooten loaned to Sandhausen

Andrew Wooten (Getty Images)

If Andrew Wooten is to find consistent minutes in the 2. Bundesliga this season and further his development, it apparently won't be with Kaiserslautern.

According to a report, Wooten is set to go on a season-long loan to recently-promoted club SV Sandhausen in a quest for playing time. Wooten has spent the early parts of the campaign with Kaiserslautern's second team and he has not made a single bench appearance for the club in the 2. Bundesliga despite having signed a professional contract with it earlier this summer.
Wooten played in seven games for Kaiserslautern in the Bundesliga last season, scoring twice in that stretch, but he has been deemed surplus to requirements as the club tries to regain promotion to Germany's top tier.

What do you think of Wooten going on a season-long loan to Sandhausen? Happy with it as long as he gets minutes? Wishing he would have stuck it out at Kaiserslautern?

Share your thoughts below.

    Playing Time is a must regardless of the league.

    With our only real strikers being Jozy and Gomez, we need lots of depth. Boyd is coming along well but we shouldn’t rush him. Wondo is a sub at best.

    Bunbury, Braun, Agudelo. I haven’t from them in a while. They need to head abroad if they want a shot with the Nats. I doubt they get much time in qualifying.


  • Darwin

    AZ – Ahnzi game is at halftime. Altidore is looking like AZ’s best attacker. They are hoofing balls into him and he is showing excellent touch and hold up play, getting his teammates involved. I’m impressed at his current form.


  • TomG

    As you said, playing time is a must, regardless of league, so I certainly wouldn’t tell Agudelo to go abroad when he’s just starting to get a regular run for the first time.

    Re: Wooten, it looks kind of bad for him to not be able to crack a 2d division club’s lineup, but I haven’t ever seen him play. Big, target/hold up guys often develop slower. Anyone know what his game is like?


  • Darwin

    Side note: Ahnzi’s stiker Traore is 6’8″ making him taller than Jan Koller, according to Wikipedia. Dang.


  • Robert Daniels

    What makes you think Bunbury would make it abroad? I think moving abroud would be the worst thing these guys could do. They should probably worry about consistent playing time in our doestic league first, let the league develop them first, that’s what it’s here for.


  • Weaksauce

    Good move for Wooten

    Hope he does well at his new club because I want to see him and boyd up top together one day for the nats


  • Ed

    No Europa commentary? AZ mentioned above, then we got Boyd hopefully in action for Rapid Vienna, Cherundolo and Hannover, and Diskerud getting the start for Rosenberg..


  • dumprun@lycos.com

    While US Nat fans obviously want to see young, potential national team players compete at the highest levels possible;the fact remains that the development of a player is a PROCESS.

    First, the team was relegated following the end of the previous Bundesliga season.

    As we all know the period immediately following relegation signals the onset of loan, the firing of managers and the sale of the team’s most valuable players.

    The management of FcK know exactly what they have on their hands in Wooten as well as the rest of their players.
    A young, talented player with a proven scoring acumen with the club’s reserve side. Combine that with what was seen in training and the teams long and short-term prerogatives and the deal makes sense to them.

    The question now is how the player performs and what sort of outlook he and representatives have for both his club and national team prospects.


  • All day every day

    Would have been sick if he signed with rapid vienna and was paired up with boyd!


  • GW

    Have you seen Wooten play?

    I have not but it seems like he is about Boyd’s size and it sounds like he plays the same way. Which means it’s not likely they would be paired up.

    More likely one would back the other up. And of course there are other young “big guy” candidates like Bruin, Sapong, Salgado, etc.

    Regardless, it is good to have such problems.


  • Zak1FCK

    Kaiserslautern signed two new strikers over the summer that have a lot of experience scoring goals in the Bundesliga. Both of those players have scored 4 of 5 league goals in two games and 1 of the 3 cup goals for a team that could not score last season. Kaiserslautern see a lot of potential in Wooten and want him to get some first team minutes. It worked for the number 3 striker, Micanski, who just came back from a successful loan.


  • Zak1FCK

    He was with the reserve team even though he played some games in the Bundesliga and with another team in the Regionalliga. Germany only considers professional contracts to be in the first three levels.


  • b

    Yeah just post random statements, that’s much better than the alternative (not responding when you don’t know wtf you’re talking about)..,


  • b

    Wtf? Not only did he play today, but he played in their previous game as well. If you don’t know, don’t comment.


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