SBI MLS Best XI: (Week 25)

FredyMontero (Reuters)

In-form Seattle Sounders forward Fredy Montero put together one of the best games of the MLS season in an offensive outburst that was one of the best in a week that saw several outstanding attacking performances.

Montero's hat trick against Chivas USA highlighted a week in which San Jose's Alan Gordon and Simon Dawkins and Columbus' Federico Higuain and Jairo Arrieta all delivered multiple goals in victories, earning all five players spots on the SBI MLS Best XI as a result.

A pair of players played major supporting roles in creating those goals, with Seattle playmaker Mauro Rosales and San Jose left back Ramiro Corrales each coming up with three assists to help create the fireworks for their respective clubs.

It was not all about the attack in Week 25, though, as the Montreal Impact continued their winning ways by coming up with a vital clean-sheet victory over D.C. United. Former D.C. goalkeeper Troy Perkins came up big when tested, and mid-season left back signing Dennis Iapichino provided stout defense in front of him to earn weekly honors as well.

Here is this week's SBI MLS Best XI:

SBI MLS BEST XI (Week 25) 

—-Alan Gordon———-Fredy Montero———-Jairo Arrieta——

—————————-Federico Higuain—————————–

Simon Dawkins———————————————Mauro Rosales

—————————-Patrice Bernier——————————-

——-Ramiro Corrales—-Todd Dunivant——-Dennis Iapichino—

——————————Troy Perkins——————————–

HONORABLE MENTION– Josh Saunders, Matteo Ferrari, Steven Smith, Chance Myers, Corey Ashe, Juninho, Felipe Martins, Terry Dunfield, Brad Evans, Tim Cahill, Marco Di Vaio

  • SombraAla

    Teal Bunbury should get honorable mention for sacrificing his body to set up KC’s goal and then playing on a torn ACL and damaged LCL for 10 more minutes.

    Sure, you could downplay the sacrificing the body thing – it’s not like he knew he was going to get injured when he flicked that ball on, but the commitment to go back out there when he must have been in considerable pain is commendable.


  • Ceez

    Considerable pain? I’m thinking his body was probably just pumping adrenaline/endorphins so as to ease the immediate pain that he is probably NOW feeling.


  • SombraAla

    You could see he was in pain when he hobbled off initially… but I agree to your point that it may not have been as bad as I imagine.

    I’m just terribly upset about the whole thing though – he hasn’t always done everything that I wanted him to.. sometimes would be lazy and had missed chances, etc… but the last part of the season he’s been doing _everything_ I have wanted to see from him. Pressuring, getting behind defenses, scoring (with his head once, even).

    In a way, one might consider whether he would’ve pulled out of that challenge a year ago…


  • socceroo

    Should the spot that Todd Dunivant is in be given to the referee? From watching the replay and comments I have seen the only reason Dunivant played more that 10 minutes is due to referee giving the wrong card.


  • Dave

    if he played for 10 more minutes it shows a level of idiocy that should not be commended. First, I’m hurt, so therefore I’m hurting the team. Second I’m hurt, running on it makes it worse.


  • SombraAla

    I get what you’re saying, but it’s the 5th minute, you only get three subs and he doesn’t know if it’s an injury which can get worse or not.

    Turn it around and say he comes out immediately at that time but is feeling just fine by halftime he’d be hurting his team by limiting their ability to make subs on top of the fact that his replacement is not ready, probably not going to come in as sharp, etc.

    If it happened in the second half, I’d totally agree with you and if he had said he couldn’t go back out then I would’ve been good with that too, but he went back out there to try and help his team.


  • Bryan

    Who made this team? There Dunivant who was lucky to be playing more than 80 minutes, Cahill whose team didn’t record a single shot on goal, Saunders who didn’t have to make any incredible saves,


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