SBI MLS Goal of the Week

SBI MLS Goal of the Week: Fredy Montero

  • Weston

    Rosales’s through ball was better than the finish. Freddy owes that guy a lot of goals.


  • jandrog

    Rosales was slotting perfect through balls all night. It definitely made a difference on the score line. Seattle’s attacking side seems to be hitting their stride all at the same.


  • Travis

    The finish on his second goal may have been nicer than that one, nice clinical little chip.


  • soccerhorn

    Boy watching Chivas is just painful. Is it me or does it seem like they only turn on half the lights at Home Depot Center when Chivas is playing?


  • Lassidawg

    Do we all remember when Seattle wasn’t scoring? It was because other teams were hacking the crap out of Rosales so he wasn’t healthy. The whole team is now healthy and with recent additions teams can’t only go after Rosales.


  • Palouse

    THAT is an excellent point. Rosales is spending a whole lot less time on the ground these last four matches


  • Kris

    That’s the goal of the week? lol wrong. I guess you could argue it was because it was his third, but come on! I’m not even a Crew fan and my nod goes to either of Higuain’s FK’s over this goal.


  • the guy on the Game show

    You’re call is a set piece over a one that was earned due to incredible skill and field vision?


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