SBI MLS Player of the Week

SBI MLS Player of the Week: Federico Higuain

HiguainCrew (Getty)

The Columbus Crew have propelled themselves into the Eastern Conference playoff race on the strength of a pair of victories this past week, and no player was more important in securing those victories than Federico Higuain.

The Argentine newcomer was instrumental in last Wednesday's 2-1 win vs. Toronto FC by playing a part in both goals, then he scored a pair of beautiful free kick goals in the Crew's 4-3 victory against New England on Saturday. Those performances made Higuain the pick to be this week's SBI MLS Player of the Week.

Higuain beat out a loaded field of contenders for the honor, a group that included Fredy Montero, Patrice Bernier and Alan Gordon.

What did you think of Higuain's performance? Which MLS player impressed you the most last week?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Saurus

    It seems hard to pass up Montero’s hattrick, assist, and cross-turned-javic-OG against Chivas (second strongest defense in the West).

    Higuain was obviously also a difference maker, but the numbers were slightly less gaudy and both games were against Eastern Conference celler dwellers.


  • Hesyourlifelight

    Higuain has 3 goals and 2 assists in only 3 games played this season and the Crew scored 6 goals in the past 2 games. Before Saturday they had not scored more then 2 goals in a single game this season. That is also pretty hard to pass up.


  • The Imperative Voice

    Higuain was dangerous against Houston as well (impressed me as the sort of technical player the league needs, passes in the right spots, free kicks bending sharply, etc), and they’re not chopped liver (though their performance is wavering). I think he’s a great pickup, productive at just the right time in a MLS season, and has brought the Crew back to a point of a playoff spot and relevance.

    And while two wins against modest opposition might not be the test of greatness, the way to decent success is consistently winning the games you should. In comparison, the two teams the Crew are chasing, DC and Vancouver, lost to Montreal and Portland. So beating up on the cellar is not an indifference.


  • Gnarls

    Higuain and Montero both had great games. I think being an MLS debutante helped Higuain win PotW.


  • Kris

    Watched his first game against Houston and I was impressed. I even watched the Columbus game against New England because of Higuain. This guy comes in and immediately makes an impact. I believe Higuain and Boniek Garcia (Dynamo) are the best DP additions to this league in a while.


  • 19561

    NYRB fan wholeheartedly agreeing and looking on in envy while waiting for Cahill to blossom (and Marquez pride to say I can’t be shown up by these 2 players who have never played for Barcelona).


  • The Imperative Voice

    Montero did well but the sheer a$$-whoop level of it all probably degrades the achievement, and while Chivas fares decently on GA in the West, that’s misleading when you look at their -15 GD and their overall standing in the GA table, which is closer to midtable with many East teams at 30 or less GA. A team on pace for 40+ goals does not sound like a defensive juggernaut and that’s probably part of why Fraser is on thin ice.


  • Saurus

    Obviously, giving up 6 goals made a huge difference. Prior to the Seattle game, Chivas was 3rd overall in GA (East and West) behind SKC and Seattle.


  • divers suck

    I guess a Fredy Montero first hat trick means nothing to east coast bias Soccer By Ives…


  • Hesnotyourlifelight

    Not sure why under-performing for a season and then picking up the pace warrants a pat on the back. “Congrats, you finally crawled your way out of sub-mediocrity!”


  • Hesyourlifelight

    Its got nothing about a team picking up the pace, its about a player who earned the nod for player of the week and will probably win it a few more times.


  • divers suck

    They do, including Fredy. What does that have to do with his accomplishments? You’re a dork…lol


  • catfish9

    There Fredy got Goal of the Week from SBI. Does that help the little booboo you got on your Seattle ego? East coast bias is such a lame argument.

    Fredy had a great game – no doubt but Higuain had two this week – end of conversation.


  • beachbum

    depends on what you mean by awhile, but those two guys a quality, awesome additions to the league

    Higuain’s set pieces are something to enjoy


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