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Transfer Ticker: Edu move in the works, Johnson signs with Sunderland and more

EduMex (Getty Images)

Maurice Edu's move to Stoke City is not complete yet, but Rangers manager Ally McCoist confirmed that the move is still in the works

"I'm led to believe the Maurice Edu transfer to Stoke is still ongoing," McCoist told Sky Sports. "If and when that happens, he will go with our best wishes, but I don't think there has been anything concrete done with that at the moment."

Edu's potential move comes at a time when there is uncertainty involving Tom Huddlestone's proposed loan from Tottenham to Stoke City. If that move were to fall through, it would create less of a conflict for Edu in finding playing time in central midfield for the Potters.

Here are a few more items from the transfer market with a week remaining until the summer deadline:


Sunderland's effort to improve its lackluster attack has led the club to making a move for former Manchester City winger and English international Adam Johnson. 

Johnson, 25, was down on the depth chart at City and will provide a jolt for the Black Cats, who also added Scottish striker Steven Fletcher on Friday. Johnson signed a four-year deal with Sunderland after the transfer, which cost the club a reported £12 million fee.

Last season, Johnson scored six goals in 26 appearances, only 10 of which were starts. 


At long last, Victor Moses is a Chelsea winger. 

Moses completed a move from Wigan Athletic to Chelsea after a prolonged transfer process, with the Blues' £9 million bid being accepted to facilitate the move. Just where the 21-year-old Nigerian winger fits in for Roberto Di Matteo's plans remains to be seen. Moses scored six goals in 39 games across all competitions for the Latics last season, establishing himself as a regular in Roberto Martinez' lineup.


It appears as if Liverpool will win the Nuri Sahin loan sweepstakes.

The Reds and Arsenal have reportedly been dueling for the Turkish and Real Madrid attacker's services, but Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers said that he expects the deal with his club to be finalized sooner rather than later.

"Hopefully in the next 24 hours we'll get some confirmation on that," Rodgers said on the club's official website. "It's quite far [along the line]. He's a very good footballer."

Sahin has been buried on Real Madrid's bench since joining the club from Borussia Dortmund prior to last season, making just 10 appearances in all competitions last season.


Hope to see Edu's move to Stoke go through? What do you think about Sunderland adding Johnson and Fletcher? Do you think Chelsea needed to go out and sign Moses? Do you think Sahin would be a nice get for Liverpool?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Ben

    I want Edu and Cameron to be centerbacks, but my wish is unlikely to be fulfilled. However, Dempsey, Dempsey, Dempsey is the echo in my mind, and the lack of news only increases volume of the echo. One week until we know definitively what will happen, though not necessarily what has happened.


  • Eric

    Different positions but we’ll see. This might force Arsenal into another move as well, maybe for Clint.


  • abc

    So what happens with Dempsey now that Liverpool have Sahin?
    I just want to say that I never thought he should have left Fulham, and said so about two dozen times. They may not be historically big like Liverpool but they are far less of a mess RIGHT NOW which is what matters, and Dempsey was already the star of Fulham whereas at Liverpool he would have to start over as the new guy. F*** Liverpool though, and their American ownership group, for screwing around with the best US player. They made all sorts of comments about him, and never put in an offer. C***s.


  • abc

    While I don’t know how to explain any of that craziness, my counterpoint is simply “Martin O’Neil”


  • 20

    agree with everything but Dempsey has not left Fulham yet. Like Schwarzer when he tried to get a move to Arsenal a couple years ago, he may still put this behind him and play for Fulham again.

    To be honest Fulham are just as good if not a better team than Liverpool right now.. I wish Clint would see that.


  • ManicMessiah

    They might be better now, but the question isn’t whether Fulham are better now, it’s whether Clint Dempsey added to Liverpool are better than Dempsey and Fulham.


  • jon

    I tend to agree. Totally supportive of Clint in whatever he does-I love the guy, but not convinced that a liverpool move is worth all this crap. If I were his agent, I would have advised him to play these Fulham games before the transfer window closes (although maybe we don’t know the full story..) so as not to burn bridges. Often transfers just don’t work out the way a player wants (particulalry for 29 year olds where club is demanding north of $10 mill), and the player just has to suck it up — and ending up at Fulham is still pretty damn good.

    Anyway, a lot can happen in a week. Fingers crossed for the deuce.


  • THomas

    Great point on Schwarzer 20 and I completely agree on the star of the teams. If fulham improve on their away form, which they started to do at one point last season, they can beat out Liverpool for a Europa spot and come close the CL. Wierder things have happened.


  • bryan

    given the sahin move is a loan and the fact they play different positions entirely, i don’t see how it makes much of a difference. but who knows?!


  • happyjuggler0

    I just want to say that it drives me nuts that people are assuming that everything that Fulham says about Dempsey is true. It might be true, it might not…we are getting only one side of the story.

    It is entirely possible that Liverpool really wanted Dempsey, but earlier in the summer when Jol said (I am parphrasing), “We absolutely, positively won’t be selling Dempsey”, then perhaps Liverpool decided to take their word for it, and gave up whatever talks were going on.

    It is also possible that Fulham quietly rejected a feeler offer for him, saying the price was too low, when perhaps that was the highest price they were willing to pay for him.

    We just don’t know.

    As far as Dempsey not playing right now, it reads to me like they don’t want him to get hurt before the transfer window closes, so they aren’t playing him. I could be wrong; again we don’t know.


  • Colin in MT

    Remember back in May during the USMNT camp Tim Howard said something to the effect of talking about other clubs was disrespectful and he had ambitions with Everton?

    I felt at the time that those comments, in relation to Dempsey, were misguided. I now feel like Timmy was pretty prophetic


  • Louis Z

    I’m just surprised that Dempsey is not been viewed by other teams as highly as we do. If teams wanted him they would pay even if is over priced.


  • andrew

    lets stop pretending midtable teams have an ability to move forward. its about money and only money. johnson is a good player.


  • Illmatic74

    Newcastle went from relegation to 5th place in a very short time. And unlike most mid table teams they didn’t do it by overpaying for Premier League experience.


  • solles

    I think the fools and pool are just having a good stare down until the end of the window, then a deal will go through, I’m sure Dempsey would love for Fulham to lower their valuation.


  • Old School

    You’re missing the most vital portion of that equation: Fulham being willing to sell.

    At this point, they haven’t even appeared to entertain the prospect of doing so, despite offer(s) being made, admittedly, by Jol himself.


  • CplDaniel

    Sky Sports reports that Huddlestone negotiations have stalled, and that Rangers and Stoke have a deal hammered out…all that is needed is for Edu and Stoke to come to an agreement.


  • Brett

    The Dempsey thing is becoming more clear the longer he stays out.

    For one, the PFA has yet to get involved. That would mean no grievance was filed by either party. That, in turn, points to a strategem.

    Fulham believe the way to get the best possible value for Dempsey is to let him sit on the market as the window closes, hoping a desperation offer will come in at the 11th hour.

    Jol already admitted it. He told the media the reason Dempsey REALLY wasn’t playing was because of injury concern. Dempsey would NEVER hold himself out of a match for fear of being injured. The only logical alternative is that Fulham are afraid he’ll be injured, thus losing his value.


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