U.S. Men's National Team

USA 1, Mexico 0: Match Highlights

  • maka


    Congrats, Brek. I’m back on your hype train.


  • biff

    Oh, man, I could talk about that forever. Brek chewed him up and spit him out and Boyd took the pass like a ballet dancer and flicked it to Orozco Fiscal who had the smarts to be in the right place at the right time. I would suggest people freeze the video at 3:52 and study the set-up and then click go and focus on Orozco Fiscal’s movement–a brilliant nose for soccer and anticipating the play as he moves toward goal to take Boyd’s pass–and let’s not forget the nifty pass from Beckerman to start the whole thing.

    Captain Tim Howard. Yep, has a nice ring to it. Captain Tim Howard.


  • biff

    Just to add, when I saw Shea making that move during the game it was like slow motion and I was stunned and thinking, no, this can’t be. Did Brek Shea really just do that incredible move? And i was sure he was going to lose the ball or pass it into nothing and then Boyd and then the tap in. Wow. A moment for the ages.

    I posted this already elsewhere but in case it gets lost in the shuffle Boyd fans will get a kick seeing how Austria is celebrating the US victory over Mexico with photos of their (and our super) hero Terrence Boyd celebrating like a beast. They already love him in Vienna.



    And even this story with a video of the winning goal. love it…



  • deepvalue

    What happened to Damarcus after the game? He looked to be lying on the ground hurt although the broadcasters suggested he was just moved by the victory.


  • Adriaaaaan

    This was like the movie Rocky IV. The power of American spirit was on full display yesterday. We went into enemy territory and kicked some a$$.


  • DavidKamerun

    My google translate calls Boyd “the Rapidler.” I suggest that be his new nick.


  • Gnarls

    Alexi Lalas needs a little more faith in our MNT. His constant “Mexico wins” mantra before the game just made the victory that much sweeter.


  • TheFrenchOne

    i had the same question. ian said beaz was emotional, but at one point he lifted his head like he was pissed off. maybe he got pelted with something in the head?


  • TheFrenchOne

    so awesome! a few questions:

    1. why can’t we get a replay of the foul on Gomez in the 5th minute? it seems like a different angle could tell us whether he was fouled in the box

    2. what the crap was our RB doing in the box?!? i’m not complaining about fiscal’s, but he’s about the last person i would expect to see there at the 79th minute in a tied game at azteca.

    3. what happened to beasley? it really looks like he got hurt at the end of the game. ian said that he was emotional, but for a second, it look like beaz was pissed while talking to one of the coaches.

    4. i have to extend my apology to beckerman, castillo and fiscal. didn’t think you had it in you. especially castillo, whose defensive style is not unlike an annoying gnat, but it totally worked.


  • GW

    I don’t know what you expected but as a tactical excercise there was nothing ugly about the game. Everything about it made perfect sense.

    The execution needs work but considering half the US team did not know the other half, our euros were in preseason form, and it was Mexico in Azteca, it was a great, disciplined, performance.


  • Weaksauce

    Thats why i think john harkes got fired because of the last US vs mexico friendly in Philadelphia. He wouldnt shut the $#%^ up about mexico being better and then we score and start running all over them the last 15 mins of the game


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