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When a Panenka goes horribly wrong

Playing in front of his home fans, with a place in the UEFA Champions League group stage on the line during a tense penalty shootout Tuesday, Udinese's Maicosuel stepped to the spot and tried to catch Sporting Braga goalkeeper Beto off guard with a Panenka, a chip down the center along the likes of what Andrea Pirlo so fearlessly did against England during Euro 2012. The result? An embarrassingly easy save, and the only miss of the shootout, as Braga advanced and Udinese are destined for the Europa League. Enjoy:

  • Randy

    If the goal keeper bit and dove, he would have been a hero,a la pirlo, however the goalkeeper hesitated enough to be able to come back and get the easy save and now it looks like ‘one of the worst penalty kicks ever’ which i quoted from fox soccer’s webpage. He took a huge risk and it didn’t work out and i feel bad for him. I wonder how people would have reacted if Joe Hart saved Pirlo’s chip


  • Dillon

    I don’t think this panenka is any better or worse than any other. It is exactly the same as Pirlo’s kick in the Euro’s the goalie just did not decide to dive like they usually do.


  • Spencer

    the funny thing about PK’s is that whenever it is scored it is brilliant among other things, and when someone gets there’s saved it is now classified as a disaster. Not that the shots were taken differently, but that the goalie saved one and not the other.


  • Dave

    I think that recent PK by a RB player that went something like 20 yards over the bar was much worse than this one.


  • Bob

    Exactly the same except this kick was telegraphed all of the way in and Pirlo’s wasn’t.


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