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Where should van Persie play this season?

Robin Van Persie (Getty Images)

Time is winding down for Robin van Persie to make a move away from Arsenal, but the question that remains is: Where exactly will he go?

The list of reported interested suitors in the Dutch international are some of the premier clubs in the world. From Manchester United to Manchester City to Juventus, van Persie has attracted a number of top teams who not only have an eye on their respective domestic leagues, but also on the UEFA Champions League.

There are reasons as to why he should or should not join every club linked with him, just as there pros and cons as to why he should stay with Arsenal after spending the last eight years there. But the 28-year-old striker responsible for 30 goals and nine assists in league play last season appears to want out despite Arsenal fans and the front office clamoring for him to stay.

After all, van Persie wants to start winning some trophies and Arsenal do not appear any closer to doing that in the Premiership or in international competition even with the skilled players they have at their disposal.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger knows he has a difficult task ahead of him in convincing van Persie to stay for this year and beyond, but it might be too late to make a good argument considering the trophy-less drought the Gunners are currently on.

With that SBI poses the question: Where do you think van Persie should go for this upcoming season? Should he just stick with Arsenal, or look for greener pastures?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Raymon

    Stay. The kids are alright and only getting better. Some good acquisitions already bolstering the squad. One or two more acquisitions, and they climb from “underperforming elites” to a trophy contender in majors.


  • Community is the best sitcom on american tv

    JUVENTUS. Man City is crap and RVP doesn’t strike me as a money-grubber.


  • Raymon

    You would think not, as they tend to favor undervalued youths (look at all the young guns they acquired a couple years ago). However, with the acquisition of grizzled vets like Mertesacker and Podolski, along with Arteta, it seems they always have room for proven aging workhorses. Not saying Dempsey is aging, but he is a full 10 years older than guys like Ox.


  • Travis

    He should stay at Arsenal, he will not shine anywhere else like he has there. No other club will put up with his injuries, this was truly the first full season he has played.

    Where he will play is a different story, still think he forces a move through. Although Arsenal are showing ambition in the market, maybe he can be convinced.


  • Ben

    I think he should come to MLS. This is not realistic, but you solicited by opinion, so there. Otherwise, I don’t care. I like Arsenal in PL but Robin is such a Dutchman.


  • Ben

    It doesn’t seem like any team that can give him what he wants wants him. I’d like to see him stay at Fulham, along with Dembele and do some damage in the Pl.


  • shelsilverstein

    wow, a clickbait article if there ever was one. content-free yet guaranteed to get views for the sponsors.


  • RLW2020

    ya how bout Kronke signs him to Colorado.. not even a dream..

    id say Juventus or make up with the Gunners.

    Also I would say Arsenal would be a great fit for Dempsey with or without RVP, but I hope he stays with Fulham and brings them back to the Europa League.


  • Johny

    I believe van Persie wants to be an Arsenal player. What is happening to him has been ill-advised torush to the internet. He should be wiser to rescind that decision and remain. Last season was his geatest photoballing moment in the Premiership League. It may not always be like that. Moreover, he might be struggling to get the choice among the so-called big teams – Mancester City, Man United. he might warm the bench a lot. Had I known comes but late.


  • STX81

    He should stay Arsenal if he just wants to qualify for the CL. Or move to ManU, Man City or Chelsea if he wants to win the Prem.

    Arsenal of late lacks the ambition to win the Prem and seems content with just qualifying for the CL.


  • David

    I foresee him staying at Arsenal. Although, Man City could sell Adebayor and Tevez and have truely a mountain of cash and wages freed up for RVP.


  • charles

    He burned too many bridges and should be sold, preferably, to Juve.

    Arsenal is having a great offseason so far, with the addition of Podolski, Giroud, Cazorla and perhaps Sahin, Wenger should be able to field a strong and competitive
    team this season.


  • Stephen Ward

    Hed have a much better chance of playing in a team like man urd or juventus. Hes a class act and if mufc snatch him it wud be great to see him and rooney up top


  • Dillon

    I don’t think he should go to Italy. The Serie A is waning. The financial troubles of the country are rubbing off on the clubs. Soon the Portuguese and French leagues could overtake the Serie A in the UEFA Coefficients.


  • DavidKamerun

    He would slot in very well up top for the Richmond Kickers. Someone has to do something to stop Orlando from terrorizing the USL.


  • Vic

    Good chance he will stay at Arsenal this year. If Arsenal sell him for 10million and don’t qualify for Champions League then it will cost them 50 million. He’s worth too much to Arsenal even if he just stays for one more season.


  • ManicMessiah

    Wenger has had years to convince RVP to stay. They’re not exactly the same problems every year, but they are consistent, whether its the good but injured players (whose injuries predictably mount up), or the lack of a stabilizing presence in midfield and defense (and goalkeeper).

    They’re not even a particularly young team anymore, and haven’t been for awhile. Where I’d like to see him is away from Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester City. He’s a luxury item for them.


  • QuakerOtis

    And Marcotti had an ESPN.com piece on the same subject today. Him and Ives are my preferred soccer journalists, along with Wahl, so I don’t mind if they, um, share ideas.

    No Ives, I’m not saying you ripped it off. You guys covered it in different ways. Yours was more succinct, less fluff. And Marcotti had some atypical errors too, like saying Adebayor is with City still while omitting Kun… Anyway, now I’ve added a lot of fluff to fluff. Enjoy.


  • Justin

    He should stay at Arsenal unless getting a bid of over 30 million dollars. If Arsenal does not make it to the Champions League next year they will lose more than 30 million, and perhaps with one more year he will be convinced to stay. Even without that, he’s worth the risk.


  • inkedAG

    Anywhere but the Manchester teams. Reading Tim Cahill’s comments about team loyalty, it seems like that player is a dying breed. Any player who is not committed to Arsenal should be able to leave. Thanks RVP for your service, now go.


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