Dempsey discusses leaving Fulham for Tottenham

Dempsey discusses leaving Fulham for Tottenham

U.S. Men's National Team

Dempsey discusses leaving Fulham for Tottenham

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Clint Dempsey took part in the U.S. Men's national team practice sessions on Monday in preparation for the team's upcoming qualifiers against Jamaica, but it was the subject of his club status that drew the most attention on Monday.

Dempsey's last-minute transfer to Tottenham from Fulham ended a roller coaster ride of a last month, one that saw him ostracized from Fulham as he pushed hard for a transfer. Dempsey was portrayed as the bad guy for wanting to leave, but his push ultimately led to a dream move to North London.

Dempsey discussed the move on Monday, offering up some insight into the move and the bad taste that the ordeal left.

"I'm disappointed in the way I was portrayed, in the end, with Fulham," Dempsey told the Associated Press. "I always wanted to play at the highest level possible. That was never a secret. That's something I always said. It would be a dream of mine to play Champions League and you want to play on the best team possible to try to get there. That's definitely a team with a lot of quality in it, but now it's all about the team that I'm with."

What do you think of Dempsey's comments? Agree that he was treated unfairly? Like the idea of him playing for Tottenham? See Dempsey being ready for Friday's qualifier in Kingston?

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