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Eight MLS teams set for Tracy lottery


Come Thursday morning, Marcus Tracy will have an MLS team to call his home.

The weighted lottery for the former Wake Forest standout, Hermann Trophy winner and Aalborg BK striker will be held at 10 a.m. Thursday. Of the 17 eligible teams for the lottery (Vancouver and Colorado are prohibited after winning the rights to Lee Nguyen and Kamani Hill earlier this season), eight are participating, MLS announced Wednesday evening.

The New England Revolution have the best odds (33.2 percent) at securing the services of Tracy, whose knees (he has been plagued by chronic tendinitis) may not be the best match for the Gillette Stadium turf. The Revs are followed by FC Dallas (19.7) and the Philadelphia Union (16.8), with whom Tracy had been training as he continues his rehabilitation from his latest knee surgery. 

The other teams vying for Tracy are Real Salt Lake (9.7), the Chicago Fire (7.8), New York Red Bulls (6.1), San Jose Earthquakes (4.6) and Seattle Sounders (2.1).

Where do you want to see Tracy end up? Which team of the eight do you think would be the best fit? Disappointed that your team is not participating in the lottery?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Lorenzo

    I just hope he ends up at a team that wants him, and seems like a good spot for him to stay healthy and develop. I hope whoever takes him sees him more as a 1-2 year project than someone who could help much sooner than that.


  • The Imperative Voice

    I doubt he has any trade value so if you pick him you really want him. NE has been collecting young Ms and probably has no need for a risky one. Plus it’s turf. Maybe Dallas, but I think this might be a bit of a charade and the Red Sea parts for Philly who’s been training him. On its face a draft but in reality just a team signing the player in their camp.


  • The Imperative Voice

    I’m wrong on this one I’m afraid. I missed the lottery bit. In other words the team out of the 8 participating that gets drawn wins. Maybe somebody involved is there to “squat” but teams are probably in it to win it.

    I don’t think the turf teams are thinking in pursuing a tendonitis sufferer.


  • Harry

    I’m surprised Houston didm’t try, but they wouldn’t have a good shot anyway.

    It looks like New England gets another young piece to rebuild with.


  • Ben

    Wasn’t he suffering from chronic tendinitis? Did this resolve itself? Unless the team is completely sure he is healthy and can compete on a daily basis, I’m not sure I’d draft him at all.


  • Felix

    I’m with you on this, this kid is still in his early 20s and has suffered from chronic knee injuries for a few seasons now.
    He showed promise before the injuries set him back – but unless he had a clean bill of health, I don’t know if I come near him.


  • Ron

    why do we have this silly f-ing system? The player should be allowed to negotiate a contract with any team he wants to. No other American sport does this. No other soccer league on the planet does this.

    Now the player could end up being forced to sign with a club that plays on turf when he has a history of knee problems.

    This is why MLS is a joke. Single entity needs to go away now.


  • Ivor the Engine Driver

    Philly makes the most sense given their small, young, small forward group – Tracy offers something different to that mix. FCD could use him as a back-up to Perez. NE and SEA with their field turf do not seem like good fits. NY does not need another forward nor does SJ.


  • Neruda

    I agree about RSL. This year alone teams all around RSL such as Seattle, Vancouver and LA have added big upgrades to their starting corps and all RSL was able to do was trade for Justin Braun. This has something to do with why RSL is being passed up in the standings.

    RSL needs to go much bigger than Marcus Tracy of they hope to make a serious commitment to winning.


  • Mike r

    Since LA isn’t bidding the league will give him to the Red Bulls…I mean the Red Bulls will “win” the lottery


  • oldtimer123

    Agreed, players should have the ability to become free agents.

    I remember this guy coming out of college. Smart kid with limitless athletic ability. Could be a very dynamic striker if he stays healthy.


  • This Guy

    This kid is amazing and is probably the best American to come to MLS in 2-3 years. He will be dynamic for any squad, if he stays healthy.


  • jeff

    It’s a good thing player negotiate with the league and not the clubs. Look at europe. Every *ing team is under water. I’d rather root for this ridiculous system and teams that can stay afloat then rangers or newcastle or leeds, that could suddenly go bankrupt. And do.


  • Old School

    While I absolutely agree with you on the single entity, it’s certainly had it’s purpose.

    Additionally, comparing MLS (a soccer league that is one of many around the world and not far from 10 years old) to American-based sports leagues leads nowhere.


  • Juan

    As a Revs fan I can honestly say we wont get him. We rarely get anything out of these things, no matter how good the odds


  • JM

    It’s ironic that Vancouver is not eligible because of Nguyen yet New England has the best chance despite employing Nguyen…


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