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Frings out for season with hip injury

Frings (Getty Images)

Toronto FC started the season with three Designated Players. None of the three will finish the season on the field with the club.

With Julian de Guzman traded to Dallas and Danny Koevermans out for the season with a torn ACL comes word that captain Torsten Frings will be forced to miss the remainder of the season with a hip injury that requires arthroscopic surgery. The club expects him to be ready to return to the field in the preseason, according to a statement, but at 35, there is no telling how Frings, who has battled various injuries in his time in MLS, will respond from the procedure.

TFC still has one DP on its roster, with midseason acquisition Eric Hassli leading the charge for what has been a lost season for Toronto in MLS play. The club still has CONCACAF Champions League aspirations but will most likely need to get a result at Santos Laguna without Frings' services to entertain thoughts of leapfrogging the Mexican champions and winning Group 1.

What do you think of this development? How do you think this affects the club's chances at getting out of its CCL group? Do you see Frings being able to contribute at a DP-worthy level after this surgery?

Share your thoughts below.

  • The Imperative Voice

    The new CCL structure has taken away everyone’s margin of error. No more can teams skate by for weeks then gun for second.

    In terms of TFC’s approach, every single one of the DPs is O-30 this season, and I think you take a form and health risk acquiring that kind of player.

    Despite having a loyal fanbase, the organization is generally feckless. I find it amusing that for all the crap they took, Cummins and Preki are actually their two best coaches in history, and the only ones with positive or “.500” records. At that time they were slowly building into a competitive franchise. You wonder what would have happened if they won that one NY game at the end of 2009 where they instead got clobbered, missed the playoffs, and had their coach fired.

    I think TFC needs to go back to the old, defense-first mentality, and then acquire solid young veteran MLS players with a layer of select Canadians and central americans. Don’t try more of the Winter-esque tactical shortcuts or parallel Montreal in setting up a Serie A retirement home. It’s a young, physical league, act like it.


  • socrates

    Sounds like Frings may have played his last game. Looking forward, who does TFC have worth keeping?

    1. E. Hassli has proven to be a solid scorer in MLS
    2. L. Silva has shown promise and could be an above-average MLS player.
    3. A. Morgan is young with upside and the ability to get up the flank and hit a cross.

    Anyone else? I’d think T. Dunfield, E. Avila, D. Henry, R. Johnson are decent. Maybe the TFC fans here can offer some insight on the roster looking to next year.


  • Anderson Silva

    After showing so much promise last season, Hassli has underachieved this year.

    TFC needs to show more commitment to a fanbase with tons of potential. They need to bring in a couple of big name DP’s.


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