U.S. Men's National Team

Jamaica 2, USA 1: Match Highlights


  • Brad

    I would call them lowlights.

    This only doubles my resolve to drink far more beer than originally planned and be twice as loud in columbus. Gonna bring my A game.


  • T

    US has never lost a qualifier in Columbus. Best case scenario is a 3-1 win worst case 1-0 or maybe even 1-1.


  • 2tone

    Does Klinsmann have a good grasp on the player pool, and there strengths?

    Right now I don’t get the feeling he does.

    If you are going to play a 4-3-3 or an attacking 4-4-2 formation you must have the players for said formation. HE played 3 CDM’s in which none of them can disribute the ball well. Then he doesn’t bring in enough attacking middies or wingers( there are plenty of good attacking middies in MLS.)

    I have said it before I just don’t see where Klinsmann is heading. He has taken way to long to bring in new players, and continues to give minutes to players that have really not proven there worth to the cause. In my mind the U.S. needs to win in Clumbus and win convincingly for me to alleviate some of my concerns. No eeking out a 1-0 win. Eventhough I will take a 1-0 win, but it won’t alleviate any of my concerns.


  • Kosh

    I am as big a fan as Tim Howard as any on here, or around, but, and maybe it’s because I am pissed right now, but I am not a fan of his lateral movement in goal on free kicks lately. Like I said, admittedly I am pissed right now and that may be clouding my judgement but the tying goal in Guatemala and the winning kick in Jamaica are not helping me see straight. Especially yesterday, I mean that kick was from some distance out for Pete’s sake.

    Now onto JK. I am as big a supporter as most on here and elsewhere, but he better get his $#1t straight and FAST. Thus far, he showing great designs for the future but has a disappointing record on the now. Is he a better Technical Director than manager? I dunno. I still believe in him and what he’s trying to do and achieve but believing is not enough. he simply has to get this done. I am confident that we are good enough to get to the Hex (though at this rate I’d be lying if I didn’t say it’s squeaky bum time right about now), that said if when we make it to the Hex he should get the first 9 points, 6 at least, to get us moving forward otherwise we may have to cut our losses while we can (pissed and not seeing straight but that’s how I feel at the moment).

    The players – JK can only do so much, these men are pros repping their country. they have to shoulder a chunk of the blame for that debacle last night. Step the FRACK up men!

    All is not lost and there are still 9 very winnable points on the table, but the skeleton crew have to get the 3 next week (all 3 points).


  • Kosh

    I have to agree with you on this one. I am a huge JK fan but on the one hand he says he does not focus on formations then on the other hand he forces players into a system that is hard to comprehend. Is it that he trusts his players too much to make the adjustments? I don’t know but his players have to step up too. These guys are pros and they are fighting for qualification. I want to see more fight in them!


  • EA

    Didn’t watch the video yet… Is the part where Jermaine Jones completely misses the ball, commits a foul and then injures himself in one move in there?


  • Andy

    Just curious if we share the same sentiments. What player do you have in mind that he should or should have called in?


  • downintexas

    Horrible tactics. Starting 3cdm plus playing Clint. Yes he got the goal, but will he be ready on Tuesday?

    I never drank the Klinsmann juice, but I have to hope and keep faith that he can pull us into the HEX. I really can careless about the win in Itlay and Mexico. In the last two quilfier we have dropped 6 points at worst 4 at best.


  • The Imperative Voice

    Goal one is Beckerman all the way, he chops the attacker for the foul and then makes the schoolboy mistake of reflexively jumping on the wormburner kick. The foul on goal two is a similar d-mid chop job by Edu. Goal two is a toughie, maybe Howard gets that on a drier day.

    Sometimes it’s better to let the defense try and clean up your mess….? Particularly on the first if Beckerman just lets him go the whole defense is free to rotate.

    The irony to me is Klinsi had to choose to field 3 d-mids out of over-caution and then that’s what cost him the goals anyway.


  • The Imperative Voice

    Personally, I’d tell Agudelo, Pontius, Beasley, Lichaj, and Chandler to get on a plane. Inform Chandler there may be no tomorrow if he doesn’t.

    Dempsey/ Boyd
    Shea/ Jones/ Torres/ Williams (!?!)
    Johnson/ Boca/ Cameron/ Dolo

    How do we keep showing up without a RM?


  • Matt C in tampa

    my thoughts exactly. Channeling Jim Mora:

    “Highlights!…you want to talk about Highlites??!!


  • the thruth

    beckerman and edu blow. edu can’t even trap the ball without it popping over his head. beckerman is too slow b/c of his wooly mammoth hair cut


  • louis z

    good question.
    if he brings young ones like corona, shea, boyd to start the game and loses, he will get the blame. if he goes status quo and loses, he will get the blame also. He has his work cut out. right now Deuce is not a 90 minute player.
    People need to remember Jamaica is a physical team, if you bring in a Torres he is going to be muscle away from the ball.


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