U.S. Men's National Team

Klinsmann discusses the state of American soccer

  • Todd

    What I took from this interview, is that Sunil Gulati is the reason why US soccer is not developing at a more rapid pace. We need someone who has played the game, represented the US on the international level, understands the US system, and has a plan on how to raise the game in this country. As a coach JK can only do so much, but it is up to the head hunchos at US Soccer to get the right decision makers to push the sport forward among the youth and professional ranks in this country.


  • Langmeyert

    If Landon Donovan or any other American player were able to make $10 million a year playing soccer, America would be the best soccer nation in the world in no time….no development academy would be needed…


  • Stephen

    To a certain degree, I agree with this. The best athletes in the US often come from poorer areas of the country and play sports with the dream of making it big. If soccer could pay their players more I agree you’d see an increase in the low and low-middle-class player. Much like you see in Basketball and American Football.

    That said, you’ve still got train them so a development academy would be needed.


  • A. Ruiz

    If only there were a bunch of poor Mexican kids all over the US, our problems would be solved.

    Oh wait…..


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