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LA Galaxy parent company AEG is up for sale

AnschutzMLSCup (ISIPhotos.com)

Phil Anschutz has been one of the most important owners in Major League Soccer since day one, but he appears ready to sell the very company he used to maintain his ties to the 17-year-old soccer league.

Anschutz (pictured above accepting the MLS Cup last year) is planning to sell AEG, parent company of the LA Galaxy and current co-owner of the Houston Dynamo. According to multiple reports, the sports and entertainment giant is expected to fetch a multi-billlion dollar price tag.

AEG owns an impressive portfolio of sports teams, including ownership stakes in the LA Lakers, LA Kings and sports venues like Staples Center and Home Depot Center.

Just how the sale of AEG will affect MLS remains to be seen, but it will certainly mean changes for the Galaxy, which is the last team Anschutz maintains full ownership of after previously having owned half the teams in MLS, from the New York/New Jersey MetroStars to the Chicago Fire and the San Jose Earthquakes.

Anschutz, 72, was the most important owner in Major League Soccer's first decade, and his support of MLS helped the league survive. MLS recognized his contributions by naming the MLS Cup after Anschutz.

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  • The Imperative Voice

    I was always surprised Golden Boy bought into Houston rather than LA, the LA Home Depot Center is where he’s held fights. I assumed maybe they’d run fights in BBVA eventually and that was why, but we’ve not held any yet and he’s part of the group supposed to be selling out here.

    I know the basketball arena has some sort of exclusivity over certain events in town for a period of time, not sure if that covers concerts AEG wanted to hold or boxing Golden Boy meant to have, but it is interesting the would-be purchaser owns the local NBA team.


  • Kris

    I’m not saying Boyd is awful, but I still think we lucked out on that deal. Plus, I can’t just forget about Bruin’s 11 goals. He’s had a phenomenal season for his second year. And don’t forget Davis, he’s got 7 goals (in addition to 11 assists). Ching got his 5 in only 13 starts so that works for me.

    Nonetheless, I agree that finishing is going to be crucial come playoffs. Kandji especially, simply has to finish better. He’s amazing at getting by people and he’s strong as hell, but he’s just got to put the ball in the back of the net. It’s as simple and difficult as it sounds.

    I do think our defense will hold up nicely. No one ever seems too rattled and Hall is playing lights out this year.


  • soccerfan

    Who actually believes Houston’s stadium is the best SSS in MLS? The crown jewel is to the north!


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