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Must-See Goal: Jozy Altidore

  • Colin in MT

    Great interview. Thanks for posting. Love Jozy’s Dutch accent. It’s tough to communicate in foreign countries without altering and adapting the way you speak.

    “i know im not going toake you happy bu saying this but you did many lovers of football a favor by scoring that goal.”


  • TheFrenchOne

    Bro, I’m from Bordeaux, lived there 18 years, had a friend play for them (dugarry), so I appreciate the props. But get a grip, Bx hasn’t been a heavy weight in League One for a looong time


  • TomG

    He has that option bc his shot is so powerful that he can get it past the keeper short side before the keeper can react.


  • Felixs9

    Finally he puts in work. Good thing JK has him on the bench with national. You have to earn ur spot. Hopefully he will gets his form back and and learns to appreciate his role with the usmnt. Good luck!! I hate that people that always hate no matter what!!


  • Darwin

    I’m pretty sure that I didn’t. For example, let me fill in your subject pronoun:

    “[I] must have bombed out of reading comprehension.”

    In that case, I’m sorry. I hope you didn’t let it get to you.


  • Artie

    Jozy is so lazy he waits until the 86th minute before getting the game tying-assist. What were you doing the rest of the game, you bum?


  • Judging Amy

    True. Unlike the excellent defending on display this weekend by average EPL representative Manchester United on Spurs’ first two goals.


  • Judging Amy

    You know who else went straight to the Prem from the Eredivisie: Vermaelen, and Vertonghen. Two (gasp) half-way decent defenders. Just in the past 3 years. But I thought Dutch league defenders sucked…

    For comparison’s sake, the league of the guy playing in front of Jozy on the national team, has produced some serious Prem league defensive talent such as…such as…Carlos Salcido? Oh what’s that, you say he went straight from PSV to the Prem?

    Granted, I’m not saying because Jozy is scoring more, in a better league, than Herc who is having trouble getting off the bench for his team, Jozy automatically deserves to start. I suspect Klins’ refusal to pencil in Altidore just b/c he’s the chosen one has had a positive effect on Altidore’s game, effort and motivation. Bottom line whoever produces on the day of those international fixtures earns the start. Herc is very good, a solid finisher and has an impeccable work rate. The system has to be taken into account. But it seems obvious that a guy in such great form in a not too shabby league might be someone that you want to see if you can find a way to work into your system.

    I think Klins eventually finds a way to do so.


  • Judging Amy

    The degree of difficulty on that goal celebration was like a 9.85: Running slide to the knees into a forward tuck and roll into a leaping fist pump into a righteous flag kick.


  • terkyjerky

    Jozy also torched vander wier, i thinks thats his name from ajax, who appearently was being watch by arsenal as a potential transfer.


  • Dudinho

    What you haven’t seen the Shep Messing Klinsi rants during red bull games. add him to the list


  • jon

    i cannot stop watching this one. as someone else commented, he looks like robin freaking van persie here


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