SBI MLS Best XI (Week 28)

ChrisPontiusBestXI (ISIPhotos.com)

D.C. United lost Dwayne DeRosario for the rest of the regular season, but that didn't stop them from reviving their playoff hopes with a big win and no player played a bigger role in that win than Chris Pontius.

The D.C. left winger scored a goal and assist to help D.C. beat New England and climb back into a playoff place, a performance that earned Pontius a place on this week's SBI MLS Best XI.

Pontius wasn't the only Best XI member to step up in the absence of a star. Marcelo Sarvas stepped in and set up both goals to help lead a David Beckham-less LA Galaxy to victory against the Colorado Rapids, while Alvaro Fernandez did his part to help Chicago Fire fans forget about the departure of Marco Pappa with a key hand in both Fire victories last week.

Here are this week's selections for the SBI MLS Best XI:


———-Thierry Henry——–Alan Gordon————

———————–Chris Rolfe————————

Chris Pontius————————-Alvaro Fernandez

———Julian deGuzman—-Marcelo Sarvas———-

Justin Morrow———————–Sheanon Williams

———————-David Horst————————

———————–Tally Hall————————-


HONORABLE MENTION: Sean Johnson (Chicago), Heath Pearce (New York), Matt Besler (Sporting KC), Matt Hedges (FC Dallas), Rodney Wallace (Portland), Dax McCarty (New York), Christian Wilhelmsson (LA Galaxy), Brad Davis (Houston), Chris Wondolowski (San Jose), Fredy Montero (Seattle), C.J. Sapong (Sporting KC).


What do you think of this week's selections? Which players were you happy to see make the squad? Which players didn't make the team that you felt should have made it?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Gnarls

    59%-41% in favor of the MLB play at the moment. I’d say that’s not too bad considering Americans’ predisposition to be underwhelmed by anything soccer related.


  • Dave in San Jose

    BoBo – Did you watch the game? He drew the penalty (which Wondo converted for the 1st goal) AND then he scored the 2nd goal following some great build up/combo work.

    Why Ives labelled the penalty as “controversial” I still don’t understand.

    (SBI-Dave, it wasn’t me who labeled it controversial, it was an editor on this site, and that said, labeling it such doesn’t mean were saying it was a bad call. It was a call that led to plenty of reaction after the match from Chivas USA, so therefore there was a controversy. Looking at the replay I thought it was a silly shoulder barge by Valencia, but I also think Gordon went down like he was shot.)


  • SoccerAddict

    Interesting also to see the voting split among states. Unsurprisingly states like Kentucky and Alabama are clearly for the MLB play, don’t think we will see an MLS expansion team in those 2 states anytime soon. But Florida seems to appreciate the Henry goal…..


  • David St. Hubbins

    I get what you are saying SBI, but it gives off the wrong impression to headline it “controversial” without any further explanation.

    I think there is a better way to phrase what you are trying to say without giving off the impression it was a bogus pk. Maybe “Chivas upset even though replays showed clear pk and violent conduct by Valencia.”

    (SBI-The phrasing is only a problem to San Jose Earthquake fans, who were the only people to really complain about the use of the word controversial. Seeing your San Francisco-area location I take it I’m not stretching it to guess you’re an Earthquakes fan right?)


  • atd

    Bill Hamid was PHENOMENAL at the end of the United-Revs game. DC’s sharing the last playoff spot in the East right now if it’s not for him.


  • Conrad

    Generally, a headline is intended to draw the reader in; the further explanation is what is known as the “article,” or “story.” And yes, it was controversial. Gordon was fould — and made a meal of it. The controversy is the way it was called.

    And can I also suggest to SBI, as long as I’m on my high horse, it’s kind of bush league for the web site author to respond to posts. Makes you look thin-skinned.


  • Brian

    I thoroughly enjoy the responses from SBI written in the posts. It shows me they actually read them and pay attention to them. And adds “color” to the discussion. Either way, I cant wait for the Seattle-San Jose game on Saturday night. I’ll be there.


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