SBI MLS Goal of the Week

SBI MLS Goal of the Week: Juninho

  • Dave

    Is it me or couldn’t the keeper have stopped that? He was positioned pretty well; very close to his left post.


  • to each their own I guess, but....

    My girl keeps tellin’ me and I guess I believe her, It ain’t just about the money shot, it’s the foreplay too.

    I’ll take a nice build up w/ sweet layoff and laser blast into top right corner over any free kick, thank you.


  • centrejack

    Meh – I like the Conde Blast better – though the first Corrales goal was impressive.


  • golfstrom

    Great buildup, that’s why it deserves GOTW. Notice the ball played by the #8 Marcelo to a closely marked Beckham, who makes the key pass to break the pressure. Then watch all the movement immediately preceding Juninho’s strike; it’s excellent. Great gol.


  • Yes...

    … it is you… ok, well I’ll concede that…. perhaps in some parallel universe this highlight could have been posted under the headline: “Save of the year!”


  • beachbum

    Juninho, Marcelo and Beckham working beautifully together, better and better each week it seems. Great goal 🙂


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