SBI MLS Goal of the Week

SBI MLS Goal of the Week: Thierry Henry

  • Charlie G.

    Sorry, the De Guzman strike for Dallas should take the prize – chested down and immediately volleyed from beyond the 18 yard box for the late winner ! Henry’s was great, but that was a back-up GK. Even Montaro’s quick strike was superior in my opinion.


  • C C

    Henry’s was dazzling, but it didn’t come close to matching the impact of De Guzman’s. Even without the playoff consequences of FCD and Van, De Guzman would be a candidate.


  • Joe

    If the Chicago goal is up for goal of the week, how the heck is the first LA goal not nominated as well? It was a fantastic sequence that diced up Colorado’s defense. Much better passing than Chicago’s…

    Henry’s Olympico was special. Don’t see too many of those.


  • Onion Sax

    Overrated just like Henry! Corporate footy is terrible! Red Bull shoudl be called MetroStars & be developing players like Matt Kassell & Sacir Hot!

    People feel no connection to this team. This is not proper footy culture!


  • mike c

    Correct me if Im wrong but wasn’t the Metrostars name dervied from the fact they were owned by Metro Media??


  • ryan

    what about PSV(phillips) and Sochaux(Peugeot)? I am sure they are other teams that have strong ties to corporations that are storied clubs.


  • steve-0

    I know it’s just MLS, but this might be one of the best goals I’ve ever seen!!! I can’t think of another goal like it – banked off the goalpost.


  • SuperDan

    How on earth can that be goal of the week? I can’t believe that’s a professional goalkeeper. Terrible.


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