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Spotlight on Geoff Cameron

GeoffCameronUSMNT (ISIPhotos.com)

Geoff Cameron continued to solidify his starting role with new club Stoke City, playing 90 minutes in the Potters' 2-2 draw at Wigan Athletic on Saturday.

It has been a whirlwind few months, and an unforgettable year for the 27-year old, who has made the transition to the English Premier League, as well as the U.S. national team, in 2012.

Here is my latest FOX Soccer feature on Geoff Cameron, who discussed making the move to England, life at Stoke City, and how his national team experience has helped him make the leap from MLS to the EPL. And to give you some perspective on how far he has come in the past year, here is my FOX Soccer feature on Cameron written just before he and the Houston Dynamo played the LA Galaxy in the 2011 MLS Cup Final last November (a final the Galaxy won, 1-0).

Give the stories a read and share your own thoughts on Cameron's rapid rise and bright future in the comments section below.

  • Old School

    Geoff has always had talent but I think his versatility was a hindrance early in his career. The man played about every position other than GK under Dom Kinnear, whom deserves a lot credit too for helping his “rise”.

    Much like fellow alum, Stuart Holden (pre-injury, perhaps), I think Cameron will have a really solid European career going forward.


  • Roger

    That’s my boy!! Took a picture with him around April at Dave &Busters… No one recognized him lol maybe my signed Dynamo jersey is worth a few more dollars haha


  • Ed

    It’s crazy I saw Stuart Holden at a bar about a year ago in Houston and NOBODY knew who he was either, even as a proven Bolton midfielder at that point


  • vik

    It’s great that he’s seeing the field, and playing at that level will help him a lot in the short run.
    In the long run, I hope Stoke can settle him into one primary position; he already seems to be CM and RB, I think moving him around too much will hinder him developing polish in one role.

    I think he could do well in midfield next to Adam, and he could always drop to emergency CB if shawcross or Huth get injured. I also wonder if a three man defense with Cameron on one side would work… thought it’s not really Stoke’s MO.


  • rjrkr44krnnenwni2po33

    how many Americans know who Tim Howard or Clint Dempsey or Landon Donovan? Some do. Maybe more can sorta think “hey that’s dude that plays soccer somewhere”. I’m pretty sure it’s likely many don’t know who Holden is. Now i’m sure in England it’s a different case.


  • GW

    “but I think his versatility was a hindrance early in his career.”

    If he was not so versatile, it is possible he would still be in Houston. Or at least he would not be at Stoke.

    Tony Pulis made a point of saying Cameron’s versatility was a strong selling point since he (Pulis) plans on going with a smaller squad this year. He did not say he would not have bought Geoff if he could only play CB but that seems to be a logical conclusion.

    Cameron’s value to Stoke lies precisely in his ability to play different positions. Pulis made the same point when talking about Mo Edu.


  • BrianK

    Two notes:

    1. Interesting that he mentions Joe-Max Moore as One of those who paved the way. JMM was gently known as “Joe- Max Less ” during his time in England. Have these guys forgotten about John Harkes and the his achievements at Sheffield Wednesday? Sad.

    2. Cameron is an above average athlete for this level. He is a handful for the opposition. He is going to do very well in the EPL.

    Good luck Geoff!


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