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USA-Guatemala qualifier on Oct. 16th at Livestrong Sporting Park is sold out

  USMNTvsJamaica (ISIPhotos.com)

The last home match of the U.S. Men's National Team's current qualifying round will be a sellout.

The U.S. team's group stage finale against Guatemala on Oct. 16hth at Livestrong Sporting Park, a match that will ultimately decide which two teams from CONCACAF Qualifying Group A advance to the Hexagonal Round, has sold out, U.S. soccer announced on Monday.

The home of Sporting Kansas City will be hosting its second U.S. national team match, having last hosted the USMNT during it's Gold Cup group stage match against Guadeloupe in the summer of 211.

The USMNT will hold an open public training session before the qualifier, on Sunday, Oct. 14th.

Do you plan on attending the match in Kansas City? Have your tickets yet? Where do you plan on watching USA-Guatemala?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Houston1836

    A racist venue doesn’t deserve the WCQ, all those “mow our lawn” chants were disgusting and unwarranted. That is not what USA is about.


  • Brim

    Lichaj would be a bigger omission. A starter in the EPL not getting called is beyond ridiculous.

    Germans hate Polish 😦


  • Mouf

    A few morons don’t make a venue, just like I don’t call all Houston supporters racist for words said to by a limited few to certain persons. To call it a “racist venue” is laughable and would probably get a good chuckle out of La Barra KC.

    Don’t let this clown make u think anything like that was coming from the Cauldron end.


  • RLW2020

    so ready!!! Il be driving in from Colorado. glad to hear it will be sold out, now hopefully we can knockout Guatemala.


  • houston1836

    This is coming from a TA supporter that is white but because the majority of us were hispanic when we traveled to KC during the playoffs, we were chatting “this is our house” of course being up 2-0, and here rang down the “mow our lawn chants” and “where is your green card” I am surprised that the mic’s didn’t catch it, I am sure that the mic’s did, it was just blank out to avoid MLS being criticized for racism. Racism would be the last thing MLS needs.


  • Da Trufth

    but its the truth, its what your people do….. Maybe if you put more into education and lees into drinking alcohol and having 20 kids, We can yell “Build a space shuttle”, or “Invent a new ipad” or “entrepreneurs” but America is too difficult for you to succeed. The only thing you can do is over populate and make this country 3rd world for you to survive.

    Piss bombs and yelling Osama at our national anthem is why i wrote the paragraph above


  • Ted Tran

    How is that different from any Mexico vs US game. Racism is part of American culture, which is why so many non-anglo americans find it hard to root for the US.


  • Kevin_Amold

    Newsflash, America did not invent racism, nor did it curb the market of racism. Racism is part of most every culture, I am sorry to say.


  • Falsify

    You can’t call a venue racist for dispersed crowd racism. Most people that attend these games abhor that type of action. Please think before you blanket an entire venue as racist.


  • MLSsnob

    That was going to be my post, he got beat like a redheaded step child. The manager and media took notice.


  • byrdman

    Did you really just type “poop”. I am not for foul language, but when you say “poop” doesn’t everyone know you mean “s#@t”. So in reality you have expressed the same thought. Just a thought…


  • Terrence Boyd

    I’ve never been to a WCQ and have been planning to go to this one. I’m looking at some tickets for $90. They aren’t really great seats. Should I settle for those or hold out for scalping? Also, since all of the tickets on StubHub right now are basically limited to bad sections I’ve been expecting that the supply of tickets would increase over the next few weeks. Is that ridiculous? Could I scalp for a decent price? Should I pounce on some tickets now?



  • Terrence Boyd

    I realized people might think this is a joke because of my username, but it’s a serious question!


  • Duneman

    Get the seats now. If you see on stubhub etc buy it. There are really no bad seats. Also normally if you sit in an AO spot behind the goal its not really what I call a great view, but its about being in the stadium and cheering the guys the whole game. You will be standing the whole time anyway…so if you can see the pitch, cheer and say you were there….buy any ticket now that gets you in the gate. There will not magically be amazing seats you can afford later 😉 Do you really want to get all decked out and head to the game and spend it outside the park? If you REALLY need to get a good seat and think there will be much scalping of seats on game day…buy the ticket now….see what you can find and if you get the magic seat/price then go and buy it and sell them your ticket or stand right next to them selling your old one to someone at face value 😉 But at least you know you have a seat. Its not a normal club game you can just catch next season or next week….this one is a real deal one time shot. You wont have another qualifier for Brazil in KC at least not for this round.


  • Jamie Z.

    Yeah, like those Poles who have been scoring oodles of goals for Die Mannschaft over the past ten years.

    My guess is that Klinsmann has been waiting on calling up Lichaj so Lichaj can focus on securing a starting spot at Villa. I think it’s objectively a more pressing issue at this point, and as he’s got direct competition from newboy Joe Bennett at the moment, he’s got his work cut out for him.


  • ACS

    No more than Dolo got beat bad by Johnson in their game on Sunday. Most thought was the best player in their defense except for the first goal where he got beat.


  • KenC

    Really? The comments I read didn’t seem to think so, he gave a ball away deep in the opponent’s zone, that turned into the first goal, but lots of defenders could have intervened; and the other goals he wasn’t involved.


  • whoop-whoop

    Instead of appointing yourself as the official spokesperson for multiple races and cultures… maybe it’s a better idea to present it as what it is… the way you feel. This “non-anglo” has no trouble at all rooting for my home… guess I didn’t get the memo? Have to say… our team is pretty representative and more diverse than most.

    I’ll add… I’ve lived in a few countries and traveled to many more. I have yet to find one where racism does not exist. It most certainly does in the US, but my experience is that it is less socially accepted here and more universally derided when present than most places. I think the US having been multi-cultural for longer than most nations and has had a longer time to work at it. Still need to do far better. Unfortunately, there are idiots everywhere. It’s important that they are held accountable is all.


  • Karlthewonderyak

    This. The way they designed this stadium, no matter where you sit you feel like you’re almost on the field.


  • bryan

    you could say that about any substitute word. “oh gosh” is just a ridiculous way for people to think it’s better than “oh god”. “darn it” is another one.

    i could care less about foul language, but i think it’s also funny that society says it’s ok to say “shoot” or “poop” instead of “sh!t” and “darn” instead of damn, etc. it all means the same thing.


  • Dudinho

    Wow our National team has come a long way

    i remember when you could barely get 10,000 people to come out and watch a World cup a second round WC Qualifier. We need these games exclusively in SSS


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