U.S. Men's National Team

Where will you be watching Jamaica-USA?

USMNT (Getty Images)

The U.S. men's national team's path to Brazil 2014 continues Friday night with the first of two World Cup qualifying matches against Jamaica in a five-day span.

The game in Kingston, Jamaica, is the first U.S. men's national team game to be televised on beIN Sport, a network that is being carried on Dish Network and DirecTV and has begun to be rolled out by Comcast in different markets around the country (call your local provider for the latest information leading up to first kick). While it makes for a more ideal scenario than the pay-per-view situation that surrounded the last U.S. qualifier in Guatemala, it still leaves a good portion of fans without a home viewing option. 

Fortunately, it's Friday night, and the amount of bars around the country showing the game should be more than sufficient for fans hoping to see the United States win a World Cup qualifier in Jamaica for the first time. Here is a list of official U.S. Soccer bars, although they won't be the only ones carrying the match. 

Where will you be watching tonight's game?

Share your plans and any U.S. Soccer watch parties in your area in the comments section below.

  • Kevin

    Found out something cool. If you have comcast, if your area has BeIn channel, you can add package for 7.95 a month. Best part is that Comcast has a 30 day refund. After game, I plan on cancelling package!


  • mj

    comcast chicago has the spanish beIN – channel 594. they are showing south american qualifiers live, and then showing usa game on delay later tonight. its also low def.

    the english beIN not on comcast chicago yet as far as i know – thats the one showing usa game live. its on direct tv channel 620


  • Kevin

    Where on LI? Originally from there! Library in farmingdale was a good one and boss crockers in seafood. Watched games there before- boss crockers is a good one


  • mj

    small bar has crap tv’s. they have good food and beer, but expensive and no drink specials. rep away


  • Dave

    but not all bars pay for all the direct TV channels. I know my local bdubs has directTV but no fox soccer channel.


  • ml

    Basically, smallbar seems to have switched it’s focused to craft beers/upscale bar food, which is great for them, just not for hosting US games (especially on a Friday). They don’t really seem to try to hard for our business (no mention on their website/facebook about the game, never any drink specials), plus their TVs are just way too small.

    AO Chicago is gonna give Leona’s a shot. They are offering drink specials ($10 buckets/$4 Lagunitas IPAs), have large HD TVs, and are giving us the whole west side for viewing. Hit us up on Facebook to see more details.


  • thedude

    Dave, Beinsports is part of the sports package so they should have it if they are a sports bar.


  • chitim

    I am in Lincoln Square and 594 isn’t coming up on my xfinity lineup. Any ideas on where to catch it streaming? Can’t make it out tonight unfortunately.


  • Dan

    Good news: I have beIN on DirecTV

    Bad news: Prior commitments are forcing me to DVR the game and watch later. I love that soccer is becoming more mainstream, but am holding out hope I can avoid hearing references to the game.


  • Modibo

    What are the chances of finding a replay as of Sunday? I’m on my way to the Philippines, leaving an hour and a half before the game starts… sounds like I’ll be reading game recaps and maybe getting some highlights.


  • Andy in Boston

    For anybody in the Boston Area that has Comcast….I just stumbled upon beIN Sports looking for other spanish channels that could possible have the US Game tonight. Its 726 on my cable box. I must have just gotten it in the past couple days…lucky me!!


  • ex_sweeper

    Unless someone knows of a bar/restaurant on the SF Peninsula that will show the game, I guess it’s pirate stream or match-tracker :-(.


  • Chris

    I’ll be watching the game live from the UAE. It comes on Al Jazeera Sport in Abu Dhabi, but half of the USA can’t even watch a qualifier. Crazy world.


  • CJ

    I have comcast in boston and the Spanish BeIN sports now shows the US match live on the channel guide. The Argentina game is now on tape delay after. I am crossing my fingers that this is accurate.


  • Original Aaron

    I’m in Mexico City- anyone have a suggestion? Otherwise it looks like I’ll be watching on a grainy stream (but even that is iffy considering how few people have BeIn Sports… hopefully at least one of them will be broadcasting)


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