Classic Must-See Goals

Classic Must-See Goal: Zlatan Ibrahimovic

  • shane

    If he can get by the defenders so easily with cuts and fakes, imagine what could’ve been done if he passed the ball


  • kev

    You couldn’t even imagine watching this a decade ago that he’d become 1 of the best strikers in the planet.


  • Darwin

    I’m surprised nobody has criticized the defending in the Dutch league. Oh wait, we only do that if an American scores. Touché SBI.


  • Karl

    Someone is a Chiver. This was a gif in their Daily Morning Awesomeness today…

    (SBI- Seriously? Nah, didn’t see the goal there. Just thought we should do a classic Must-See goal and that one came to mind. One of my favorite goals of all time.)


  • Karl

    Ha ha major coincidence then

    (SBI-That is. BTW, forgot how much I enjoy that site. And I don’t allow site links in case you’re wondering why I removed it.)


  • Klaas

    you know that he is one of the best striker of the world, sorry but how much mls defenders play in europe?? not mutch. The last MLS player who moved to holland (Pappa to herenveen) show’s nothing, he scores agains MLS Defenders but not agains the defenders of the eredivisie.


  • PurpleGold

    No the best goal of all time is the 87th minute diving header I scored with my FIFA be a pro player to beat Brazil 1-0 in the world cup 2014 semi-finals, setting up the US’s first final vs Italy.


  • Good Jeremy

    He looked like Messi or Romario there, I had absolutely no clue he could do that. Just gained a lot of respect for him.


  • VMan

    By most accounts he is an a-hole, but Zlatan is an absolute beast. Such a dominating physical presence with great skills to boot.


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