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Local politician reveals D.C. United stadium project making progress


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Taking politicians at face value during this time of the year can be seen as a bit of a gamble, but the latest out of Washington D.C. should have D.C. United fans buzzing.

D.C. Council member Jack Evans, Ward 2 Democrat, was on "The Kojo Nnamdi Show" on Friday and he said the city is in the final stages of negotiations with United to complete a deal for a soccer-specific stadium. Evans said the team would foot the bill in terms of construction cost, but that the city would provide the infrastructure.

"They have a new ownership, the D.C. United, who are really committed to building a stadium in the city," Evans said. "The team would pay for it. And the city would do what we always do, which is the infrastructure."

D.C. United are looking to build a 20-25,000-seat stadium at the Buzzard Point property near Nationals Park. The club has been looking for a move away from creaky and cavernous RFK Stadium for some time and the introduction of new owners Erick Thohir and Jason Levien this summer has given the club a stronger financial backbone.

Though a stadium is still not imminent, and getting a project approved in the D.C. area will still take plenty of work, Evans' comments are still a positive sign for a club that has spent so much time and energy trying to secure a new home and solidify the team's future in the D.C. area.

You can watch the part of the interview where Evans talks briefly about the soccer-specific stadium after the jump:


What do you make of this development? Ecstatic? Still not buying it until you see a shovel in the ground?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Stephen

    The area near the Nats stadium was set up to be the next big development site in DC until the recession hit. If DC United can get a deal done and other developments are continued (like the project to revitalize the DC Waterfront), then it will be an amazing area for a stadium. Exactly the urban environment MLS craves for SSS.


  • Charles

    Exactly what Seattle did with the CLink. The Kingdome was already there, but the area around was not good. Paul Allen, he has a little money, fixed up the area around, two of the greatest stadiums around later, it is the place to be this Sunday.


  • Jake

    This post needs an update. As soon as Evans made his comments, he essentially took them back as quickly as he made them.


  • MJC-DC

    I work in the area and despite the recession, which hasn’t hit DC all that hard, there’s stil alot of developmentin the Navy Yard (maybe there would be more).

    And I agree perfect location for a stadium.

    Also, Kojo rules!


  • V-hoof88

    We have been “close” to a new stadium for D.C. United so many times, I am not going to get excited until they actually break ground.



    See article on DC/REVS stadium news… immediately disregard and move on the the next post.


  • KevDC

    Yeah, but read between the lines here. In these kinds of negotiations it’s not over til it’s over…things DO fall apart and we’ve been burned before…but Evans’ comment clearly shows that they’re down to the nitty gritty on a deal.

    Done deal? Nope. But this is very positive nonetheless.


  • bottlcaps

    Part and parcel and the viability of any MLS team and ultimately the MLS itself, is to be “self-hosting”. Having a stadium reduces the overhead cost for any team and adds value.

    Done well, a good stadium promotes a positive experience for old and new soccer fans. In short, it’s a no-brainer. MLS soccer, and generally soccer in the US benefited by having very nice stadiums already built that can be used for soccer. But football stadiums, even those in small-or midsized colleges are often too big for the MLS current target crowds of 18-25K. It appears now that NOT having a soccr-specific stadium to call your own is a serious drawback to ultimately attracting good players and having a good team (I’m talking to you CHivas USA) It is difficult is dense urban environments where even industrial land can be prohibitively priced. But given the small footprint that a approx. 20K sized stadiums need, it apparently is a doable deed even in the big Apple,

    Incidentally, it took an MLS benefactor in AEG, that finally got approvals to build an stadium that will bring back the NFL to LA after 25 years, AND if AEG has no luck in bringing an NFL ownership group to buy and NFL franchise, AEG can use the already named “Farmer (insurance) Field”, a beautiful designed 60.000 seat stadium as the new home of the LA Galaxy!!


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