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Johnson reveals USMNT call-up on Twitter

EddieJohnsonUSMNT (ISIPhotos.com)

Guess who's back?

Seattle Sounders forward Eddie Johnson revealed on Twitter on Friday night that he has been called up by the U.S. national team for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers against Antigua & Barbuda and Guatemala.

Johnson sent out the following tweet on Friday night:

Thank you to the Seattle Sounders and my teammates family and friends for believing in me when everyone else didn't. #igotthecallupguys

If Johnson did indeed secure a national team call-up, it would mark his first time with the U.S. national team since he made a substitute's appearance in a scoreless draw against Colombia on Oct. 12, 2010, almost two years ago.

Johnson has enjoyed a career renaissance since joining the Sounders this season. He has compiled 15 goals and two assists for the Sounders this season, regaining the form that once made him a regular U.S. national team call-up.

Klinsmann may also be looking to call on Johnson's experience in World Cup qualifying. Johnson has scored eight goals in nine career World Cup qualifying matches, with seven of those goals coming during the qualifying cycle for the 2006 World Cup. One of those goal actually came against Guatemala, in a 2-0 win on March 30th, 2005 in Birmingham, Alabama. The U.S. faces Guatemala in the final qualifier of the current round, on Oct. 16th at Livestrong Sporting Park in Kansas City, Kansas.

If Johnson is being called in, it will be interesting to see who Klinsmann chooses to leave behind for the remaining qualifiers. Terrence Boyd has been on the bench for Rapid Vienna in recent matches after enjoying a fast start following his transfer from Borussia Dortmund so he could wind up being left out.

Klinsmann will formally announce the U.S. World Cup qualifying roster on Monday, when the team will convene in Miami for training camp ahead of Friday's qualifier against Antigua & Barbuda.

What do you think of this development? Excited to see Johnson back in the field? Think he has shown enough to merit another look? See him earning playing time in the upcoming qualifiers?

Share your thoughts below.

  • beachbum

    BS no one in this country can question him! most non-sensical comment I’ve read on this board that was actually trying to be serious

    and I’m not bashing Klinsmann at all, love the EJ call, the destroyer role he’s intro’d, Fabian and Williams in the mix and more.

    But he ain’t perfect and NONE of them are


  • GW

    “Cough…cough….Ej got a call…cough…”

    Have you gotten your flu shot yet? It’s that time of year.


  • GW

    “Pontius, although less productive in MLS, is younger and hasn’t gotten a shot yet.”

    Interesting. So being productive is less important than being young and inexperienced.

    That’s good to know.

    I guess JK should call in Marc Pelosi and Villyan Bijev rather than Dempsey and Donovan. Why not just send out the Under 20 team instead? That would certainly fit your criteria.


  • broadsthooligans

    based on the fact that Boyd? did this before, and I believe some other new faces have done it under Klinsmann, I have to assume he’s giving permission for it. It doesn’t neccesarily seem classless, but I’m also assuming he has that kind of permission to do so.


  • broadsthooligans

    Are any of them competing for Johnson’s striker position or are we speculating that Johnson will be playing defense or midfield?


  • broadsthooligans

    Haha Replacing Dani Alves doesn’t exactly require wonderful defensive skill…


  • Leo

    I think he’s saying, “The Union suck, no matter the quality of the player you insert into the equation due to the suckitude of the surrounding players.”


  • broadsthooligans

    …to be fair that’s still not quite what bizzy said. Not that he’s more important, just that he would also suck given the talent around him. As a Union follower, it’s hard to disagree. Adu hasn’t been great(M. Farfan is also a portion of why he doesn’t play), but their really is not a single forward capable of leading an offense on the team


  • Ron

    Eddie Johnson is not good enough. He couldn’t hack it in the Championship. MLS is not a high enough standard.


  • bizzy

    PD, I take it you didn’t watch the MLS ALLSTAR game….Demerit put forth a man of the match performance against Chelsea….. going up against the likes of Ramires, Essien, Lampard, Lukaku in a 4-5-1 formation. If he can go 90 mins against Chelsea while teaming up with Collins and hold chelsea to just two goals….He can surely go up against any team in CONCACAF including Mexico with Cameron by his side


  • GW

    Of course you can’t blame Adu totally for the failure of the Union.

    But isn’t he their highest paid player? And isn’t he supposed to be their best player?

    And shouldn’t they expect more from such a player than some good stats and guys like bizzy saying “well, he did his part but everyone else sucks.”

    For the money Adu and hype gets the Union deserve more than that BS. They can play just as badly for a lot less money without Adu around.

    It reminds me of Alan Iverson, a lot of undeniable talent that never seemed to add up to much of anything.

    I take it and that you and bizzy think that all you have to do is put Adu on a better team and suddenly everything is better.

    I’m not so sure it works that way.


  • GW

    Jay D looked great at the All Star game. If you want a physical shut down center half there is no American better right now.

    Unfortunately he’s not so great at consistently working the ball out of the back, one of JK’s requirements for centerbacks. And I’m always a little suspicious of the commitment that a team like Chelsea makes to an All Star game like that.


  • Football player

    Prefect than anything or anyone this country has every produced or had. No one here has done crap in their football careers . If players are making things happen in practice guess what they will make the pitch. Go ask why Adu played in the Gold Cup semi and finals. Players went to Bradley cos he played great in practice. Zusi played last game because he did something in practice that the coach liked.


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