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MLS Disciplinary Committee fines Feilhaber, Hernandez and Impact

Photo by Andrew Katsampes/ISIphotos.com

As far as the MLS Disciplinary Committee goes, there’s apparently no such thing as a week off.

While most MLS clubs were enjoying some free time due to the international break, the MLS Disciplinary Committee was hard at work and they handed out three punishments for actions that happened prior to the stoppage in league play on Monday.

New England Revolution midfielder Benny Feilhaber, San Jose Earthquakes defender Jason Hernandez and the Montreal Impact were were the latest trio to feel the wrath of the league’s disciplinary committee, with each of them receiving undisclosed fines for misconduct during their respective Oct. 6 matches.

Feilhaber was given his penalty for his ‘verbal and profane abuse’ of an official after receiving a red card (second yellow) late in the Revolutions’ 1-0 loss to the Philadelphia Union, while Hernandez was punished for failing to ‘leave the field in an orderly manner’ after being ejected in the Earthquakes’ 4-1 win over the Colorado Rapids. Both fines are tacked onto the automatic ones and one-game suspension they each received for their red cards.

The Impact were handed a fine for ‘unprofessional conduct of team staff on the sidelines’ during their 1-1 draw with the Houston Dynamo.

What do you think of these fines? Surprised by any of them? Does the MLS Disciplinary Committee deserve some time off after such a heavy workload this season?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Spencer

    Is the league hurting that bad for money to fine someone for taking their time leaving the field?


    • MMV

      Not only did Hernandez take his time but If I remember correctly he had a few choice words for the ref while removing his jersey in a disgusted manner and was clearly being a douche in the process. It was ridiculous for him to even receive his red card, late in the game up 4-0. He had no business making a tackle from behind in the box.


      • Crazy Jon

        Hernandez is always a douche, so why is it a surprise when he acts like one? He’s true to himself.


    • Bob L

      Have you never seen the disclaimer at the end of MLS DC announcements? “Fines collected will be donated to the charitable partners of MLS W.O.R.K.S. and the MLS Players Union.” The league doesn’t grab the money.


  • solles

    No problem with the Hernandez suspension at all, I really like him as a player but he lost his head in a very bad way and deserves the punishment.


  • Hogatroge

    Anyone have any info on the Montreal fine? Wasn’t able to watch the game, but as a Dynamo fan I am interested in any negative info regarding our new rivals (as of this season).


  • JG13

    Benny lost his head after getting the first yellow (poor call), took a stupid second yellow and then (apparently literally) got his money’s worth telling the ref exactly what he thought of him. Anyone who has clamored for Benny to see time with the Nats has not watched him cruise in 2nd/3rd gear through the second half of this season.


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