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Puyol suffers horrific arm injury in Barcelona's UEFA Champions league win

Puyol (Getty)

Carles Puyol could be facing a lengthy injuy layoff after falling awkwardly on his arm during Barcelona's Champions League group stage victory against Benfica on Tuesday. After jumping up for a header, Puyol was clipped by a Benfica player and landed with the full weight of his body onto his left arm, which was in an awkward position.

The resulting injury looks to be a dislocated elbow, with what is likely to be torn elbow ligaments. There is no official word yet on the full extent of Puyol's injury, but it is tough to imagine him coming back for a while. The injury comes as Puyol was just coming back from an injury layoff.

If you haven't seen Puyol's injury, here it is (be warned, it is not for the squeemish):

(h/t to @101greatgoals)

What do you see Barcelona doing now without Puyol for an extended period of time? Think Alex Song can provide adequate cover in central defense for Gerard Pique and Javier Mascherano? See them buying someone in the transfer window?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Gnarls

    Oh man, you may consider putting “be warned, it is not for the squeemish” in all caps, bold, underlined, italics, and bright magenta.

    Brutal. Absolutely brutal.


  • elmatador

    I think they will def have to go for CB in the transfer window. Song is a good holding mid but not a true CB. Song has been decent against lower teams, but teams like RM, Man U or Chelsea, would def expose him.


  • Kevin_Amold

    MUST SEE: Arm Break

    In all seriousness, I didn’t watch the video but all reports I’ve seen indicate that it was pretty awful. Good thing Barca bought Alex Song….


  • dmom316

    I haven’t watched it (and won’t) but Joe Theisman immediately came to mind for me also. Praying for Puyol to have a speedy recovery


  • Spectra

    I’m always taken back by these injuries. Puyol has probably fallen like that 1000 times in his career and then one wierd tweak and he’s out for a long time with a serious injury. Like Gooches injury.


  • Joamiq


    Yeah, don’t watch this if you’re squeamish. That’s basically a human arm connected to the body only by the skin.


  • Good Jeremy

    Doesn’t really show much, unless you have a great imagination. You definitely see it bent at an unhuman angle when he falls and you can see the elbow bent the wrong way, but absolutely no blood, no visible bones broken, and it never shows him put weight on it or stand up to see it’s new natural shape. The elbow looks pretty nasty though.


  • DanO

    Humerus fracture? Arm rotates through fracture making elbow appear to bend in wrong direction.

    Best of luck Carles


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