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Red Bull Arena hit with power outage, but avoids flooding from Superstorm Sandy

Photo by ISIPhotos.com

Red Bull Arena avoided flooding during Hurricane Sandy’s devastating tour through New Jersey, but the arena and the area surrounding it was hit by a power outage, according to a statement released by the team on Tuesday afternoon.

Here is the statement:

“Our staff was continually assessing Red Bull Arena overnight and this morning and found only minor, non-structural damage to the facility. In addition, the pitch was fully covered and did not experience flooding. We want to thank our stadium operations and security staff for their tremendous job in preparing for Hurricane Sandy. Our club is currently in communication with local officials, authorities and Major League Soccer and evaluating our options for Saturday’s playoff game against D.C. United. We hope to provide further information soon.”


With the stadium being in good shape, Saturday’s Eastern Conference semifinal playoff game between the Red Bulls and D.C. United has a better chance of being played, but the area must first deal with the power outage and storm clean-up in the area. There are also issues relating to the devastating impact of Hurricane Sandy on the area’s transportation system to consider. Flooding of PATH stations could limit transportation options for Red Bulls fans coming to New Jersey from New York.

The Red Bulls are scheduled to face D.C. United on Saturday night at 8pm in the first leg of their home-and-home semifinal.

  • jerichowhiskey

    There is also New Jersey Transit to consider. Worst option may be taking the bus from Port Authority to Newark Penn.


  • Iggy

    please NYRB work a deal to switch dates with DC, so there’s a chance I, and others can make it to the game. A game this Sat is just not do’able for the area.


      • Iggy

        If this is true, Mr Payne can needs to turn on the news, get his head of of his A$$ and give it thought. Some things are bigger than the supposed home field advantage (that many debate) from hosting the 2nd leg.


    • Cavan

      I bought a ticket for next Wednesday’s game. About 19,600 others did the same. I can’t make Saturday. I’m sure many other thousands of DCU fans are in a similar situation. I doubt the DCU office wants to have to customer service nightmare of refunding thousands of tickets to its customers. Many of those customers are former season ticket holders who lapsed during the recent seasons of futility.

      That’s on top of the competitive aspects. The Red Bulls are a strong enough opponent that I doubt that United thinks they can give them any advantage. They’re a hungry team and our fanbase is very hungry too.


  • garbaggio

    There’s no way a team would give up it’s homefield advantage by switching dates. I believe the 2nd game goes to overtime if the total score is tied at the end of regulation.

    DC United might offer some “compromise” like allowing NYRB to host this Saturday’s game at another less affected site (like RFK!) or Philadelphia Union stadium.

    I remember a few years back when the New Orleans Saints had their “home opener” right after Katrina in the Meadowlands even though the Giants were officially the “visiting” team.


  • dru

    cuz it says in statement they r evaluating options so met life stadium not a bad idea only neutral site for both is ppl park


  • el paso tx wants NASL

    What about yankee stadium- no more baseball right…….. make it happen at yankee stadium


    • SD

      the problem isn’t the stadium…the problem is getting to the stadium….doesn’t matter what stadium….


      • el paso tx wants NASL

        My apology- I feel like the playoffs this season, have a weak following due to the unbalanced format- the west looks tired and beaten, while the east looks like a virgin trying to provoke the west by the fans. In that same thought, red bull need their fans if not there basically out. I have galaxy vs skc or red bull. San jose plays ugly soccer, seattle plays kickball with their super soccer coach and rsl plays like a second division argentine team with heart and soul but no soccer. As for the east, red bull should be the big daddy but god they love to break hearts. Skc get always lucky, and I actually think dcunited is the dark horse.


  • heff

    Not to mention training? How are they going to train properly when no one can get anywhere easily? DC is going into this game with a 12th man named Sandy.


  • Dan in New York

    Just keep it at RBA on Saturday. We’ll all find a way to make it work and the RBs will find a way to win.



    eh, most fans are from Jersey anyway. I still expect sell out…as in tickets sold, think NYers will be fine getting in anyway.


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