SBI MLS Player of the Week

SBI MLS Player of the Week: Chris Wondolowski

ChrisWondolowskiPOW1008 (Getty)


Chris Wondolowski just can't stop scoring.

The MLS leader in goals pushed his season total to 25 on Saturday thanks to a hat trick in the Earthquakes' 4-1 win against Colorado on Saturday. Wondolowski's latest masterpiece made him an easy pick for SBI MLS Player of the Week.

Wondolowski's three goals not only brings him within two goals of Roy Lassiter's MLS record for goals in a season, it also helped the Earthquakes move a step closer to the Supporters Shield.

Wondolowski beat out a list of contenders that included Philadelphia's Jack McInerney, Real Salt Lake's Fabian Espindola, Chicago's Sherjill MacDonald and Vancouver's Camilo Sanvezzo for the honor.

What did you think of Wondolowski's performance?

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  • Chef

    The most frustrating player ever! So good in the MLS and seems like his personality would fit in very well on the USMNT but he just doesn’t translate to that level. He continually makes a strong case to be called up but when he gets there he squanders every opportunity.


  • jb

    How many opportunities has he had? I can just remember the one sitter he missed that Bradley teed up for him. Other than that I remember him playing once or twice where he combined well but didnt have any chances. For my part, I’d love to see him this month.


  • PetedeLA

    Kudos to Chris. Great professional. He may not have the “power” required of a center forward at the international level, but given the lack of forwards, I don’t see why he shouldn’t be played out of position on the wing a la Podolski for Germany.

    Great leadership.

    Hope he at least ties the record.


  • JRP

    That said, he really doesn’t deserve player of the week. Espindola scored two against the most stingy defense in the past few months in an away game to win the game from behind. Chris scored three against one of the worst teams in the league. I realize we are all cheering on Chris but if Sabo didn’t get Player of the Week for his hat trick against Chivas because it was Chivas, Chris shouldn’t get it because it was against Portland.


  • WK

    That’s a fair point- and i agree Espindola’s goals against LA were bigger.

    I’ll bet if you ask Chris, all of these ‘awards’ are overkill at this point and don’t mean anything anyway. He’s already locked up the Golden Boot and MVP, the only awards he cares about at this point are the SS and the MLS Cup.


  • Michael F. SBI Mafia Original

    I don’t really care if Wondo’s talent “transfers” to the USMNT. There are so many variables that go into that. What I enjoy is that he is really tearing it up this season. And he’s doing it in Season 16 of the league – and it’s a damn good league. Not like in Season 1 when Lassiter did it. I hope he breaks the record. It would make quite a statement for his skill and talent level. And he’ll definitely get another chance with the USMNT which he deserves.


  • MemRook

    Chris’ problem at international level has NOTHING to do with his skill set or the “speed of play” etc. He has the great misfortune of playing during a time when USA attacking midfield depth is nearly non-existent. Wondowlowski needs to play In a system where he’s constantly getting fed the ball, and not expected to “create his own chances.”

    Who is our top attacking midfield talent? Deuce. Ok. He’s good. Donovan. Sure. But he’s gotta stay healthy. Kjlestan. Not gonna get a call-up anytime soon. Holden? We all know his that story goes. Shea? Not doing so well lately. Zusi? Ok I’ll give you that but I’d still call it too soon to annoint him right now. Need more proof in the pudding, if you will.

    My point is, our midfield attacking depth is sorely lacking, in other words just don’t have (or won’t call up) the players Chris needs around him to succeed at the international level. That’s my $.02.


  • Michael F. SBI Mafia Original

    Wait…when Wondo was off to a great start didn’t Ives say it’s not likely he’ll break the record? Guess Ives is human after all…lol.


  • bizzy

    …look what he did to Chelsea when being supplied by the likes of Henry and Beckham (MLS ALLSTARS)….point taken MemRook


  • Matt Johnston

    I hope he breaks the record. The fun thing about Wondo’s season this far is he started strong, entered a drought and then fought his way out of the drought. That is class, that is hard work and that is fun to watch. I agree that right now the Supporter’s Shield and MLS Cup are probably the only hardware he is interested in. Look at his stats:

    117 Shots (2nd in MLS)
    51 Shots on goal (1st in MLS) 43.5% on target rate
    25 goals a nearly 50% conversion rate.
    Oh, and 8 assists as well.

    59 goals in the last three years (and counting)

    That is MVP Stats for sure. He is getting a goal every 105 minutes played and only Super Sub Alan Gordon is doing better for the Earthquakes.


  • hmm

    He’s incredible. He’s kinda like a Taylor Twellman for the NT though. Incredible for MLS but average to poor for the MNT. He needs to get to Europe. In January he’ll be 30 and could be lucky to swing a 3 year contract from either a comparable to MLS league such as Denmark/Norway/Sweden or a 2 year deal for a small cheap relegation fodder like club in France/Germany. If he wants more cash and NT experience, he needs Europe.


  • d

    I totally agree. He needs to get more playing time just so the teammates get used to his style of play as well. Dempsey and Donovan have also missed sitters, but through playing time they have shown their value on the field. Besides, neither of them are pure strikers like Wondolowski is. Given the time, he will get himself into scoring position and score. But from the limited time I’ve seen him play with the Nats, the other players seem reluctant to get him the ball. Oh well, Nats’ loss.


  • JRP

    And (my bad) SJ didn’t played Colorado which isn’t as pathetic as Portland but is pretty pathetic.


  • d

    It was against Colorado. Not much different, but still…I also think it’s the way he scores goals- with his head, his feet, chest, inside of his leg, back heeled, in traffic, out of traffic, you name it. None of them necessarily spectacular goals, but a goal is a goal. Give the guy his due.


  • peaton

    I think Wondo and Twellman both have been mistakes from USMNT. If Josey is hurt then Wondo has to go. The problem is that we have Herc who is also 30 but established. I think T. Boyd is a real long-term option, but it might make more sense putting faith into Wondo for the qualifying campaign. In 2014 we really want Josey and Boyd (or others) to be up front and not Herc and Wondo who will be on the wrong side of 30.


  • ec

    Think the Twellman-Wondo parallels are dead on. Definitely hope Wondo breaks the league goal record, but he isn’t a national team starter. If he has value, it’s as a late game sub in to poach a goal in the closing minutes – I think that’s a real role. Also hope he gets a DP contract, if the league can’t take care of a guy on a run like this, when will they ever take care of guys (who aren’t big names coming over from Europe)?

    Finally, idea for Supporter’s Shield – I wish the league would put $1M into a pot, and the SS winner would get it to share it among the roster. Wouldn’t mean too much to stars, but it’d be huge for the medium and low salary guys. It would cost barely $50k per team, and I think you’d see a lot more of a fight to win it!


  • Nytshade

    You dare tempt fate by angering the soccer Gods? Ives has strong mojo with them and you may have just ruined Wondo’s chances. šŸ™‚


  • Nytshade

    Absolutely love the idea of a cash payout for SS winning team players. I’d like to think that the club owners would kick down to the players for such a title as the club/ownership will get an unscheduled/unexpected cash boom for hosting the final.
    Granted it’s the first year of the final being awarded to the SS winning team, but does anyone know if these sort of “awards” would be prevented by the salary cap rules?


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