Your Running Commentary

Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

With Juventus and Napoli continuing their strong starts to the Serie A season, plenty of teams are hoping just to keep up with the pair. Several of those teams are in play on Sunday, as Inter Milan, Catania, and Roma will all be in action, with Juventus now three points ahead Napoli after posting a 2-0 victory on Saturday in a battle of the top two teams in Italy.

Inter can pull to within a point of Napoli with a victory against Catania, while Michael Bradley and Roma pay a visit to Genoa.

In England, the Toffees of Everton will look to continue their impressive start to the Premier League season, while Queens Park Rangers will look to right their dismal start. After seven matches, QPR is already twenty points behind first-place Chelsea, holding down last place with just two points.

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s TV schedule is after the jump):


7:45am- Fox Soccer Plus– Heart of Midlothian vs. Motherwell

8am- Univision Deportes– Ajaccio vs. Bastia

8:30am- Fox Soccer Channel– Sunderland vs. Newcastle

9am- beIN Sport– Inter Milan vs. Catania

9am- beIN Sport en Espanol– Parma vs. Sampdoria

9:30am- GolTV– Nurnberg vs. Augsburg

11am- Fox Soccer Channel– Queens Park Rangers vs. Everton

11am- Univision Deportes– Olympique Lyon vs. Brest

11;30am- GolTV– Hamburg vs. Stuttgart

1pm- beIN Sport– Chievo vs. Fiorentina (Delayed)

2:45pm- beIN Sport– Genoa vs. Roma

3:30pm- beIN Sport en Espanol– Real Sociedad vs. Atletico Madrid

7pm- MLS Direct Kick– Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Portland Timbers

7pm- Galavision/MLS Direct Kick– San Jose Earthquakes vs. Los Angeles Galaxy

9pm- ESPN– Seattle Sounders vs. FC Dallas

  • biff

    Joe Gyau entering St. Pauli game against Paderborn right now in the 75th minute under the new FCSP coach. Good sign. Score is 1-1.


  • Mig

    OptaJoe just tweeted that the red card for Tiote was his first in 54 appearances but he has 27 yellows. Twenty-seven in fifty-four. 27/54. 50%! Holy crap, Jermaine Jones who?


    • dikranovich

      lots of yellows, but no reds sounds like the sign of a good, tough, smart defender.


      • Mig

        Well, maybe. But that many yellows means he sat out several games due to yellow accumulation. That ain’t helping the team.


      • dikranovich

        tiote has helped fc twente win the dutch league and now he is key for a resurgent newcastle. strong player, and a smart player. my guess is the red will be rescinded before all is said and done.


      • GW

        That hard to say since, as far as I know, they don’t tell you reason for the card.

        In other words, there are stupid yellows (dissent, ticky tack fouls, etc.) and there are smart strategic yellows.


  • ManicMessiah

    I can’t pretend to be anything but biased, but that Tiote tackle was not a red. Typical Atkinson.


    • Mig

      Didn’t see it but I’ll grant you Atkinson is quick on the trigger. And you? Biased? Nahhh. 😉 That’s like saying I’m not perfectly objective when assessing a Chelsea game.


    • Ives Galarcep

      Moderation only applies to first time commenters. Not ALL comments are moderated. Not sure why it pegged you as never having commented before. Perhaps you use a variety of IP addresses.


      • Mig

        yeah, Ives. I’m traveling so I have a different IP address this month. Thanks for the info.


      • Michael Stypulkoski

        It got me too, Ives, and I’ve been here since 2009. Yesterday, in the “Saturday running commentary” thread, in a reply to biff. And I had already commented on that thread earlier in the day, from the same computer. No biggie, just fyi.


      • Ives Galarcep

        I might just turn moderation off, but wanted to keep track of things in the early going of the re-design.


      • biff

        Hey, Michael Stypulkoski, just to let you know that earlier today I did respond to your comments on the Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary thread. In short form, in case you did not revisit that thread today, I will say that in no way was I attacking you or calling you a troll, but only those people who post with a new name for only one thread and then never use the name again. And there were several of those sorts of posts yesterday with negative comments under names used just one time. I have no problem with people who post under their normal names, no matter what they say. And the other point I made was when you said low down on the thread that you had not actually watched the first half of the Tottenham-Chelsea game. That surprised me after your comments earlier about Dempsey’s performance. Anyway, cheers.


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