World Cup Qualifying

Today's World Cup Qualifying on TV

World Cup qualifying dominates proceedings today, as countries in Europe, South America and the CONCACAF region look to move closer to the 2014 World Cup.

World champion Spain faces off against France in the day’s best match-up, with the French looking to move ahead of the Spanish in Group I. In other match-ups of European group leaders, Germany takes on Sweden and the Netherlands takes on fellow unbeaten Romania.

In South America, group leader Argentina takes on Chile in a crucial match-up in  Santiago. Chile can jump right back into a qualifying place with a victory, but must first contend with a red-hot Lionel Messi.

In CONCACAF, while all American fans will be tuned into USA-Guatemala, Canada and Honduras will be facing off in a winner-take-all match-up in San Pedro Sula, with the victor earning a place in the CONCACAF Hexagonal.

Here is a rundown of all of today’s soccer action on TV:


Noon- ESPN3- Belarus vs. Georgia

Noon- ESPN3- Israel vs. Luxemburg

1pm- ESPN3- Latvia vs. Liechtenstein

1pm- ESPN3-  Andorra vs. Estonia

2pm- ESPN3- Bostnia-Herzegovina vs. Lithuania

2pm- ESPN3- Cyprus s. Norway

2pm- GolTV- Ukraine vs. Montenegro

2pm- ESPN3- Croatia vs. Wales

2pm- ESPN3- Czech Republic vs. Bulgaria

2pm- ESPN3- Romania vs. Netherlands

2:30pm- GolTV- Austria vs. Kazakhastan

2:30pm- ESPN3- Slovakia vs. Greece

2:30pm- ESPN3- Iceland vs. Switzerland

2:30pm- ESPN3- San Marino vs. Moldova

2:30pm- ESPN3- Macedonia vs. Serbia

2:30pm- ESPN3- Hungary vs. Turkey

2:45pm- ESPN3- Germany vs. Sweden

2:45pm- ESPN3- Albania vs. Slovenia

2:45pm- ESPN3- Belgium vs. Scotland

2:45pm- ESPN3- Portugal vs. Northern Ireland

2:45pm- ESPN3- Italy vs. Denmark

3pm- ESPN3- Poland vs. England

3pm- ESPN/ ESPN3- Spain vs. France

4pm- beIN Sport en Espanol- Honduras vs. Canada

5pm- beIN Sport- Bolivia vs. Uruguay

6pm- beIN Sport en Espanol- Venezuela vs. Ecuador

7pm- beIN Sport- Paraguay vs. Peru

7:15pm- ESPN2/Telefutura- USA vs. Guatemala

8pm- beIN Sport- Chile vs. Argentina

9pm- Univision- Mexico vs. El Salvador

10:30pm- beIN Sport- Honduras vs. Canada (Delay)

  • Don Pelayo

    For some reason soccernet doesn’t list the USA game as a match ESPN3 will be carrying. Anyone know what’s going on? Is it only going to be available on ESPN 2?


    • Brad

      No, it won’t be on ESPN3 – but if you have access to WatchESPN, you can watch it there on ESPN2. New thing ESPN has been doing, any event aired on one of the ESPN networks will only be on WatchESPN – ESPN3 will be for events that won’t be on TV.


      • Don Pelayo

        Perhaps a stupid question, but aren’t WatchESPN and ESPN3 the same thing? I thought the former was the new name for the latter. Regardless, I just checked the more advanced listing and it says the game is blacked out on ESPN3.


      • Andy in Atlanta

        No they are not.. actually. ESPN3 means that it is not carried by the network regular TV.

        Watch ESPN means it is actually being shown on the TV station and thus can broadcast the regular national commercials.


  • julio

    screw ESPN, tired of them showing fat guys sitting around a table playing poker on ESPN (regular) instead of a real sport. I will watch in spanish.


  • Frank

    Hey Ives how about a live chat after these qualifiers. Say later on the week or early next week. Its been awhile…..


  • ANA

    Sweden vs Germany
    Italy vs. Denmark
    Poland vs. England
    Spain vs. France

    Most excellent matches today


  • kevdflb

    But when will I get to see some anti-Julian Schreibman ads on TV?
    What channel is that on?

    Most of you probably have other unbearably annoying ads… that’s just the one I get blasted with when I come to this site.


  • THomas

    God Bless ESPN’s coverage of soccer. It’s a shame that they don’t have WC 2018 and 2022 rights as FoxSoccer has a looooooong way to go to get to their amount/quality of content.


    • The Imperative Voice

      I don’t know if I’d be blessing them given the trajectory I’m looking at. Lost World Cups, beat out for road qualifier TV, lost UEFA CL. They’re down to what, MLS, an EPL game of the week, home US qualifiers, one last World Cup, a bunch of international and club friendlies. Bears noting that’s a pretty sporadic TV schedule. They then have a bunch of internet stuff, but the reality is that’s probably some global rights spillover — they buy UEFA qualifying rights so we get to see too — and 90% of that is not compelling, eg, Estonia v. Andorra. Gol TV also has an interesting international pastiche of soccer that lacks much of a focus too.

      I agree re Fox production values but if you look at the arc they have CONCACAF CL, UEFA CL, EPL for at least this year, World Cups next two cycles. The core stuff that both regular and new fans will want to see. ESPN sure as heck has not started up a soccer channel and the long term arc, particularly if they can fend off the competition and keep EPL, would look strong, perhaps stronger than Disney.

      Throw in that NBC already has a strong spanish language side and is now dipping its toe into MLS, I don’t know if I’m thanking ESPN for its mere existence.


  • 2

    what’s the chances of Gooch being called in for qualifying next year?
    He was a starter at Sporting Lisbon until Feb when injuries set him back 2 months. He’s now on the bench at Malaga but they’re in so many competitions and losing badly that you just have to bet he makes an appearance by November?

    we have Boca, Cameron, Goodson for sure. Ream, Gonzalez. Gooch should definitely be in for competition if only for DEPTH


  • njnjljbguuhjnbbn,mmnnnnnnnnnnnn.l

    I’d love to see Canada and Panada in addition to the USA and Mexico at the next WC


  • BDWG81

    I just checked the watchespn website, and it says the USA/Guat game is on at 6:30PM EST on ESPN2 and ESPN3…I guess I’ll be watching it replay when I get home from work.


  • MemRook

    France should have been awarded the equalizer. Dude was definitely onside. Spain dominating as usual and France not doing much but they should be equal despite playing so poor.


    • MemRook

      Halftime highlight 100% confirms that French player was onside on the no-goal. Shame. I thought a goal for France would have really made the second half super interesting.


  • Ted Tran

    Hopefully this performance makes Lloris a starter for the spurs, too much talent to be sitting on the bench.


  • Raymon

    Wow, Poland screwed up their qualifier. They didnt close the roof and now field is unplayable! England didnt even come out to warm up, due to the soaked pitch.


  • Johnny2

    Any suggestion for places that has a good soccer crowd to watch the game from in NJ? In Monmouth county? Thanks!


  • Johnny2

    Any suggestion for places that has a good soccer crowd to watch the game from in NJ? In Monmouth county? Thanks!


  • njnjljbguuhjnbbn,mmnnnnnnnnnnnn.l

    damn and I was hoping Lloris would flop against Spain tonight thus showing that Friedel played a role in France not making to the next WC


  • Darwin

    Honduras is absolutely destroying Canada 4-0 in the 33 minute. Bengston, Bengston, Costly, Martinez.


      • Kodi

        Luckily I tuned in for the tieing goal….then went back the the France-Spain game to catch the end up that one. I’m jacked now. Lets geaux Yanks!


  • MemRook

    France deserved that goal. Completely different team n second half.

    This coming from a Spain fan born in Madrid lol. (Though I’m USA through and through and only support USA soccer…so effing stoked for tonight)!


  • Andy in Atlanta

    Canada trounced 7-1 in a must win or draw game… while getting beaten by Honduras is nothing to be ashamed of… surely this laughable result will get the Canadian SA motivated to try something different… The country has a great following now but surely it can produce better talent…


    • Todd Marsch

      Just saw the highlights in the pre-game. How the heck can you go into a game against a roughly comparable team needing a tie and come out losing 8-1? I know Honduras is a good team and has substantial homefield advantage, but that is an absolutely horrific for Canada.


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