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Toronto FC courting Orlando City's Heath for assistant role

Toronto FC’s nightmare 2012 season isn’t quite over yet, but they are already working hard to prepare the team for 2013.

Part of that preparation is trying to build a revamped coaching staff, and sources have told SBI that Toronto FC has targeted highly-regarded Orlando City head coach Adrian Heath for a role on that staff.

According to multiple sources, TFC has offered Heath a position as Paul Mariner’s lead assistant for the 2013 season, and sources tell SBI that Heath is considering the offer and is expected to make a decision on whether to accept it or not by Monday.

This development would appear to shed some light on the future of current head coach Paul Mariner, with appears ready to stay on as head coach in 2013. That decision seems to be a curious one to have made already considering the team has yet to name a new president (a decision expected to be made in the coming weeks).

What do you think of this development? Think Heath would be a good addition to TFC’s coaching staff? Surprised to hear Mariner looks set to return as head coach next season? Who do you think should be TFC head coach in 2013?

Share your thoughts below.

  • CplDaniel

    I think he would be a good addition. He’s well-positioned to make the step up IMHO with his knowledge and experience in Div II & III. He might be able to bring some stand-out talent up from those levels with him. I was looking around the web earlier at some of the Austin Aztex players he found that went on to sign with MLS teams.


  • Michael F. SBI Mafia Original

    He can’t make it any worse can he? From everything I have read he is a very good coach. Would be great to see if he can really help. But how much are the problems in TFC coaching vs. talent and indues?


  • Daniel

    No sense for Heath to step into that abortion. With another good season with Orlando City I would think he could get a better offer as a manager instead of just an asst.


  • Auzzy

    As a TFC supporter, I would seriously advise Adrian Heath not to touch this stinking heap of dung with a ten-foot pole. Not with the current disastrous setup. They need to first get a very experienced and proven successful senior executive in charge of their whole soccer operation. That person can evaluate all the current management and coaching personnel. Sticking Heath into the current operation is really like putting lipstick on the underside of a pig.


  • CplDaniel

    So I guess the consensus is that Heath would be a good addition for Toronto, but going there would not be good for Heath with their current setup & administration.


  • JRP

    There is a Death Cab lyric that fits this situation perfectly. Heath can do better than TFC. But TFC can’t do better than Heath. I was Heath I would listen to the Sheryl Crow’s lyric and “Run baby, run baby, run baby, run baby, run.”


  • Steve B

    TFC has been known to lavish big money on managers (Aron Winter was reported to be very highly paid). For Heath, it could be a case of a monetary offer too good to turn down, although admittedly I have no idea what he is being paid in Orlando.


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