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Bradley scores in Roma return

Michael Bradley Roma 3 (Getty Images)


After missing the previous month due to a thigh injury, Michael Bradley returned to the Roma starting lineup in style today, netting his first goal of the season in the 62nd minute. The American played 72 minutes before being subbed out in Roma's 2-0 victory over Atalanta. This comes the day before the midfielder is expected to make his return to the lineup for the USMNT, which will be announced tomorrow afternoon.

The appearance was Bradley's second since joining the Serie A club. He also had an assist in his debut with the club in the first match of the season.


  • Bane

    nepotism at its finest!
    ha but seriously happy for Mikey!! now come back safe dear god we need u now that Donovan is injured


  • kevin

    I think it was offside when i saw it from another angle, but nice finish regardless, i’ve seen plenty of people miss that. glad he’s back we need him


  • Good Jeremy

    Good to see him come straight back into the lineup.

    He started over de Rossi today for what it’s worth.


  • Dan in New York

    Very similar goal to Dempsey’s from last week. Right place, right time, good finish.


  • Seriously

    Unless the grass lines on the field are not straight, he was on. He is level with at least one defender when the shot prior to the rebound is taken.


  • fischy

    I had to run it about a half dozen times to pause it at the right time — not as the guy was winding up for the shot and not after the ball whistled off his foot — and I”d say that Bradley is even with the last man when the ball is struck. Considering how fast everything was moving, I’d say it’s a really good non-call.


  • Michael Stypulkoski

    This was much better than Dempsey’s goal. Dempsey was square in front of an empty net, Bradley was at an angle with the keeper to beat.


  • Ryan Nanez

    good goal for bradley, but lol where was the defense. no one even tracked his run


  • Ben

    Bradley’s start and goal were essential to the US’s chances in the next two qualifying games. I would even go as far as saying that, they may be the difference between moving on to the Hex and catastrophy. With Donovan out we have no other “consistent” leader on the field. Bradley will make sure that we get the results we need.


  • kevin

    oh yeah just watched it again and he was on. if you look at the lines you can see it, either way great play and great overlapping run


  • 2tone

    Aron Johannsson has pulled out of Icelands WC team saying he has little linguring injuries. Lol. Bet anything Klinsmann got to him, and he is now considering the USMNT.

    Great to see Mikey back in the starting line-up for Roma.


  • GW

    Actually that may be true.

    Mikey certainly had a head start on other kids growing up in what had to be a soccer made environment and in a sports crazy family.


  • Da Trufth

    Neptoism huh?

    Bradley isnt that good if he doenst have attacking ball possession midfielders around him. He never pushes forward and never takes on a defender while in possession

    Bradley paired with Jones is always a disaster. Bradley never knows where to be on the field and will pass backwards


  • Paul

    Was at the game. It was an overlap run that didnt materialize with a pass to him. He lost his defender with the run…was a great run from him. Overall he looked solid today. Played a more offensive central mid role today….


  • JRP

    I got an answer to that…leave Jones at home. He is often a total disaster and a liability in every game he plays. Bradley is not only a good player he is a hell of a guy.


  • Bryson


  • Hunter

    I’ve consulted with the seers, who threw their chicken bones into the mystic bowl and told me that the world would end in two months and also Bradley was onside.


  • MJC-DC

    I thought we had grown past this as a fanbase, our best two way midfielder is Bradley (not even a question in my mind). Potentially one of the best American midfielders ever …


  • David JS

    he was playing further forward than De Rossi usually does, one of the 2 advanced in the midfield of 3, but you’re right De Rossi was on the bench for this one.


  • Sgc

    Post was so bad I didn’t know if it was continuing the sarcasm or not. Listing a whole bunch of stuff it’s the #10s job to do and chiding Bradley for not doing it as if not to recognize he isn’t a #10.


  • TomG

    Could be a troll, could be sarcastic, could just be a moron. Impossible to tell. I’m so excited for MB, though. An American starring for one of the top clubs in the world! This is amazing. We need to take a step back and savor this a bit. Deuce at Spurs and MB at Roma. This Is one of those milestones we’ve been waiting for. We’ve arrived at that next level where we have guys playing for top clubs in top leagues. Think about it. Not that long ago, we would often go through a whole year without seeing a single Yank starting for a team in a top 4 league. I was a little worried about MB getting a regular run at Roma, but it’s pretty clear that he’s viewed as an important cog in this lineup.


  • TomG

    That was great, though actually, none of those goals were particularly skillful. They were more a product of great runs and clever reads. As great as his goal barrage there was, he showed more skill in 3 games with Chievo than he did in the entire year in Holland. It was certainly important to his development and vital in getting him to Gladbach, though.


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