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Chivas USA part ways with Fraser, Vanney

The Robin Fraser era at Chivas USA is now over.

In a move that had been rumored since before the end of the regular season, the Goats have parted ways with head coach Robin Fraser and assistant coach Greg Vanney, sources told SBI on Friday. The club relieved Fraser and Vanney of their duties after Chivas USA finished the season in last place in the Western Conference.

Fraser departs after two seasons and leaves the team having registered a 15-32-29 as head coach.

Reports in Mexico and the United States have linked former Chivas Guadalajara manager Efrain Flores with the Chivas USA head coaching position, and with Chivas USA owner Jorge Vergara slated to address the future of the team in a press conference next week, Flores is expected to be named the club’s new head coach.

If Flores is not the pick, Chivas USA could turn their attention to former team captain Jesse Marsch, who recently completed a strong season as Montreal Impact head coach before parting ways with the team recenly.

What do you think of this development?

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  • euroman

    Well there are a lot of $hitty jobs in MLS and Chivas USA heads the list. Everyone goes there to lose with little support for the big club. No one will win there until and major commottment is made in term of $$$$$$


  • bottlcaps

    I think Vergara’s dalliance with American soccer will come to an end sometime in the next two years. After the 20th (and probably final) MLS franchise is awarded to New York, existing franchises’ value will go up and those who want to cash out with at least some profit will sell their franchise (or rather, their rights to operate, as the “MLS” owns the teams) I;m thinking as Vergara has made no “decent” attempt to find a stadium site or real team improvements to the team through DP’s, so he’s just placeholding til he sells.

    If they go with a Mexican coach who knows nothing of the MLS personal/franchise/salary cap rule, expect more of the same. An experienced American coach may improve prospects a bit, but without ownership backing and a major commitment, I cannot see Chivas USA making an impact ij the LA market or the MLS for the foresseable future.

    Remember Donald Sterling has owned the miserable LA Clippers for over 2o years and his initial investment of about 20-30 M has blossomed into around 300-400M simply because of inflation, the lack of available NBA franchises for sale and the popularity of the game.


    • Zubrowka

      Franchise was exactly the right term. It’s just like NFL, NHL, and NBA in that respect. I don’t mean to troll; I just expect someone to read that and start getting confused about how the ownership structure works.


    • SteveUSSF_Ref8

      I totally agree with your senario for the future of the team. Vergara is just buying time till the 20th franchise is granted to New York City for just under $100M. That would be turn his $10M investment into maybe $60M. With all the news coming out of Orlando these days, it makes perfect sense that is where they will end up possibily by the 2014 season. They could play one season in the Citrus Bowl, then move into the SSS in 2015. This would benefit the MLS is two ways, an end to the Chivas experiment and planting an anchor franchise in the southeast and gaining a national footprint just in time for the new national TV network contract negotiations.


  • Naked Animals

    I wish Chivas would just change their name, they alienate so many fans with the coat of arms and name of another team in Mexico.


  • Gary Page

    This franchise has been pretty much a total bust for most of its existence. Preki had one or two years as did Bob Bradley, but that was about it. They probably need a new city, new ownership and a real makeover from top to bottom. The new owner seems to be more interested in linking with Mexico than building in the US.


  • el paso tx-we love soccer

    bring the team to el paso texas-his wife is from juarez,chihuahua, the border city of el paso,texas and the city is in the boom of growing from sports to anything.


    • Bobb

      Give it up dude, MLS could expand to 60 teams and there would be no team in El Paso, even if Texas had six (two in Dallas and Houston plus teams in San Antonio and Austin).
      Now if Juarez had not been destroyed by the cartels, they could have a successful to tier league, but it’s not like FMF would let a Mexican city play in MLS. Crossing south is far easier, start rooting for the resurrection of a team in Juarez (Cobras name and logo was cool) and give up this El Paso to MLS fools gold.


      • el paso tx wants NASL

        You’re totally wrong- juarez is 90% back to normal and they have a 3rd division soccer team looking to get into 2nd and then 1st. Juarez is a huge city, with a lot of rich people who live in el paso and juarez. Juarez is just like any big city in Mexico, it has crime and either ur rich or poor and Juarez is actually safer than big cities like Monterrey,Torreon,DF, Tijuana, guadalara but Juarez is scapegoat of all the country in Mexico, believe it or not. El paso is becoming the austin and san antonio of west texas due to the fact el paso is about to go through a major renovation from every part of the city, we are getting a new sports arena, triple A baseball stadium downtown, soccer complex, our university is the best hispanic university in Texas and will the number 1 hispanic university in the nation in ten years. El Pasohas the number 1 city redevelopment plan in the nation and all eyes are on us. FYI, el paso was suppose to have a six flags and sea world but san antonio stole it from El Paso and our city killed our soccer by not helping them BuT now El Paso plans to make a soccer stadium downtown after the baseball stadium and new sports arena and downtown trolley service and much more stuff.


      • el paso tx wants NASL

        Oh and by the way- the Juarez Cobras exowners want a soccer team in El Paso, since the daugther of the Juarez Cobras exowners is married to the man who bought a triple A baseball to ElPaso, and that couple wants to bring first Triple A baseball then soccer.


      • el paso tx wants NASL

        Nope, not true. El paso can easily support a 18000 soccer stadium just like Philly and san jose and other teams. But our city wants triple A baseball first then soccer due to the plans they have. As for Juarez,they are about to open next week, the most modern baseball stadium in Mexico and have plans to comepete agaisnt other major mexican cities tht are worse in crime than juarez. FYI El paso and and Juarez have the most unique border in the world due to the fact, no two countries are connected by a downtown within a minute like juarez and el paso. El pasos dowtown is connected to juarez, like no other countries in the world and when u connect both populations…..its crazy but of course not allof them can cross but besides Juarez people u have many people coming from other cities close to Juarez.


  • MLS_Soccer_Talker

    I am waiting for the day for the headline regarding this team to say:

    ” Chivas USA parts way with Chivas USA ”

    This team is a joke in every feasible aspect. It’s repulsive that they are even in our league.


  • Rory Miller

    San Diego or St. Louis would be a good move. I researched the ownership issues when I was writing my e-book novel loosely based on moving Chicas to the Midwest, and from everyone I talked to went on and on about how although they had little ownership support the actual staffers were trying everything to get attention for the club. I remember them giving players and staff for interviews on Fox Football Fone-In and WSD and various podcasts.


  • Drew

    Unless vergara announces “I was a moron and completely underestimated this mls thing and I took my consumers for idiots” there’s no way I’d support his team


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