Galaxy aim to hand Earthquakes first loss at Buck Shaw in playoff decider tonight

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No team who has faced the San Jose Earthquakes at Buck Shaw Stadium this season has come away with a win. Let that sink in for a minute. The Earthquakes have made the small venue – with a capacity just over 10,000 – a fortress during the 2012 MLS season.

On Wednesday night, the Los Angeles Galaxy must do what hasn’t been done yet at Buck Shaw this season: win.

Not only do the reigning MLS Cup champions need to win in order to continue their title defense, they must do it by a margin of two goals or more – a rarity at the stadium this season. San Jose has given up just 18 goals at home this year, and in only four games did they concede two or more goals.

After the Earthquakes stunned the Galaxy at the Home Depot Center 1-0 on Sunday night, thanks to a late free kick goal from top-notch defender Victor Bernardez, one thing was clear: Los Angeles would have a very steep mountain to climb in the second leg of the Western Conference semifinal if they are to move on to the next round of playoffs.

It’s not an impossible task. The Galaxy scored 59 goals in the regular season, two of them at Buck Shaw on Oct. 21, with an explosive offensive line that boasts Robbie Keane, Landon Donovan and Juninho. Add in the now healthy Edson Buddle, and set piece expert David Beckham, and the Los Angeles attack is a daunting opponent.

However, Bernardez and his backline held the Galaxy scoreless at home just three days ago. In theory, this should be easier at home, surrounded by a raucous crowd in an intimate venue. But this is MLS, and these are the playoffs – past successes and failures go out the door when the whistle blows.

But don’t forget San Jose’s lethal front line of Chris Wondolowski, Steven Lenhart and Alan Gordon. The Earthquakes have scored an impressive 72 goals this season, and the Galaxy must keep them off the scoreboard if they have any hope of advancing. With a backline that has struggled many times this year, this could prove difficult.

It’s do-or-die for the Galaxy on Wednesday night at Buck Shaw Stadium, and the Supporters’ Shield winning Earthquakes would be more than happy to finish them off. It will be a battle, and it will be one you don’t want to miss.

Here is a breakdown of tonight’s decisive second leg:


WHEN: at Buck Shaw Stadium, 11 p.m. ET (ESPN2)

FIRST LEG: Victor Bernardez scored a late goal to give San Jose a 1-0 win

SEASON SERIES: San Jose won the first two matches against the Galaxy, and in their last meeting, the two sides drew 2-2 at Buck Shaw.

KEY PLAYERS – EARTHQUAKES: D Victor Bernardez, F Chris Wondolowski, F Steven Lenhart, F Alan Gordon, GK Jon Busch GALAXY: F Robbie Keane, F Landon Donovan, M Juninho, M, David Beckham, GK Josh Saunders

WHAT WE LEARNED IN THE FIRST LEG: San Jose defense figured out how to weather the storm when the Galaxy attack put the pressure on. LA Galaxy players need to communicate when setting up a wall on free kicks — even if they are 30 yards from goal. Victor Bernardez is dominant in the air, so the Galaxy need to keep the ball on the ground and look to take their defenders on. Robbie Keane was active in the first leg, but needs to test San Jose goalkeeper Jon Busch every chance he ges.

MATCH-UP TO WATCH: Jason Hernandez vs. Robbie Keane. Whether it is Keane, or Donovan, the Galaxy will look to go at Hernandez as the weaker of San Jose’s centerbacks. Hernandez isn’t a bad defender, but when Bernardez is the other alternative, an attack is going to have to get the better of him to really have success.

OUTLOOK: The chances will be created by both teams, so finishing will once again be the key to this match-up. The Galaxy defense did a good job of dealing with San Jose’s attack in the first leg, but the Earthquakes will look to attack more at home. The smaller field will make it tougher for Landon Donovan, Mike Magee and Sean Franklin to find space to operate, while also putting the onus on the Galaxy defense to deal with San Jose’s service from the flanks.

PREDICTION: History tends to be a good predictor of the present (even in a league with playoffs as unpredictable as this). This is the end of the road for the defending champions. San Jose Earthquakes 3, Los Angeles Galaxy 2.

  • WK

    I like the prediction- has all the goals we’re used to, but i have missed the clean sheets and hope we can put up another. Will be putting on my game face early for this one. Buck Shaw will be rocking tonight!


  • Andrew

    Whatever the result, I’m predicting at least 2 goals for each team. Games at Buck Shaw have been very high-scoring this year, and definitely not only for San Jose.


  • Dinho

    They need to win by 2 goals or more? How so?

    If the Galaxy win 2-1, don’t they go through on away goals?

    Please someone let me know, either way. Thanks.


    • soccerhorn

      Don’t think that it’s an “away goals” tie-break. I think if it’s 2-2, they play 30 min extra time, then if it’s still a draw, on to PK’s. The “away goals” tie break is a Champions League thing.


      • Dinho

        Okay, so, if they draw, and win in PKs, no need to “win by two”, right?


  • JRP

    Is Landycakes going to show up tonight? I haven’t seen him in a Galaxy uniform in a couple of games. There seems to be a cloud over his game.
    To be honest I would rather see LA advance. RSL can beat LA. San Jose has swept us this year.


    • Dinho

      Landon started playing about 70 minutes into the last leg, after he got fouled. He got angry and actually played with some purpose and created chances.

      Aside from that…I completely agree. He has been invisible recently.


  • soccerhorn

    Galaxy D completely shut down SJ in the last match. Lenhart was so ineffective he was subbed out at the hour mark. Wondolowski had one shot on net. Watch for SJ to park the bus and see if they can hold off an LA bombardment. And, in typical SJ style, don’t be surprised if they steal a goal against the run of play in this scenario. And yes, unless Donovan plays with real fire, like he did at the end of the first leg, Galaxy surrender the MLS Cup tonight. Prediction: 2-2 draw, Quakes advance on that horrid Bernardez goal from Thursday night.


  • blag

    San Jose did loose at Buck Shaw this season……
    Houston beat San Jose at Buck Shaw this season. The score was 1 to 0.


    • Green

      San Jose did lose at AT&T Park this season……
      Houston beat San Jose at AT&T Park this season. The score was 1 to 0.



  • Jesse

    LA with their backs to the wall? It has been a long time since this happened. I expect the defending champs to show up tonight.


    • Ives Galarcep

      It’s there. Click on Red Bulls or D.C. United in the categories section and you’ll find it more quickly.


  • Jeff Fulton

    Do not understand win by 2 goals or more comment in the article. Away goals don’t count for more, and if they did, just a 2-1 Galaxy (the AWAY team tonight) victory would do it on aggregate. Am I wrong here?


  • beachbum

    Quake early tactics are to foul hard and dispute…old school tactic to rough up the game as it progresses


    • Gnarls

      SJ is an ugly team with ugly tactics. Nothing out of the ordinary tonight. Only turned up to 11.


  • Gnarls

    3-0 at the half. Regardless of the outcome of this game, Steven Lenhart is a turd and San Jose plays ugly soccer.


    • Jason

      We lost…guess your golden girls throwing tantrums on the 1st leg can delight you further…that wasnt ugly soccer for LA in the 1st leg? Dude, most teams play ugly futbol. You probably like watching Messi score on teams that have more fans protesting ticket prices than are actually in the stands cheering.


  • ex_sweeper

    The injuries just were too much to overcome in the end, and the much vaunted deep roster was not so deep as it looked earlier in the season. Lenhart has been apparently been playing with a torn meniscus for weeks, Gordon wasn’t fit, Dawkins and Salinas rusty from layoffs, and losing Bernardez was the last straw.

    Sad ending, but it doesn’t take away from a wonderful season. I’m already looking forward to next year.


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