Guzan named Aston Villa Player of Month

Aston Villa may not have enjoyed a strong October, but Brad Guzan did and  his stellar performances did not go unnoticed.

Aston Villa named Guzan their Player of the Month for October on Wednesday after the 28-year-old goalkeeper put together a string of strong performances. Guzan and the Villans failed to win any of their three matches last month, but the U.S. Men’s National Team netminder was a big reason why Aston Villa did not get blown out in them, coming up with several highlight-reel stops in those games.

Guzan is currently playing some of the best soccer of his career and he looks to have locked up the No. 1 spot at Villa for the foreseeable future. He has started eight straight games for the club dating back to Sept. 2.

What do you think of Guzan winning Player of the Month for Aston Villa? Surprised by how well he is doing with the Villans? Expecting him to continue to play at this level?

Share your thoughts below.

  • NE Matt

    Not surprised by his success. All he needed was a chance. I’m glad the gaffer gave him a fair shake.


  • Michael R.

    He’s made the most of his opportunity.

    I’d like to see Timmy given the Gold Cup off and Guzan allowed to get a string of games in net for us.


  • QuakerOtis

    Good for Guzan. I remember watching him get destroyed by the Quakes in his first year, and now look at him. Boosts my hope for players like Hamid and Jonhnson.


  • RPH

    I wish JK would give him the start against Russia. I love Timmy, and he is definitely our #1, but why not let Brad take that match?


  • Siberian

    Every time I’ve seen Guzan play for the nats he’s looked real solid. Glad he finally has a starting spot. He’s def our #2 and will be for awhile. Just takes one injury or one red card and he’s starting and I have confidence in him.


    • GW

      Howard has played very well for JK but Guzan has the ability to take the #1 spot from him. Timmy’s main weakness is his tendency to lose focus at bad times.

      If nothing else, Brad will push Timmy and that should help Howard retain his focus.

      The competition can only be good for the US.


  • 2tone

    I have more than enough confidence in Brad for the Nats if Timmy was to go down with any injury.

    I second giving him the start against Russia as well.


  • meowmix

    Sometimes I actually think Guzan is a better keeper than Howard. Seems a little more consistent at least


  • TomG

    Good for Brad. I always thought he was quality from what I could tell and was surprised when he got buried at AV.


  • beachbum

    Brad is a beast. Could be the best GK ever from the USA. I know what I just said and been saying it for years. He can do it. He apprenticed under the best one ever, he was a freak already but worked hard while awaiting his opportunity, and his time is now upon us. As with Villa, I predict that once he gets his teeth into the USMNT job it will be tough to get him out of there…and I love Timmy, big supporter here.


    • GW

      I have never seen Guzan have a bad USMNT game. People tend to forget he was in the nets for that pivotal 2009 Confederations Cup game against Egypt. I have also seen a number of his Villa games and he has been very,very steady.

      Timmy has played very well for JK but he had a terrible 2010 World Cup. I have never been totally comfortable with Timmy because he tends to lose his concentration at inopportune times.

      Before his uneven 2010 World Cup Timmy was an automatic choice by default ( no competition ) and that is usually a bad thing.

      I am hoping Guzan goes on to have a monster year. My hope is he will either take the job from Timmy on merit, or push him to a wall and make him stay more focused. Either way the USMNT wins.


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