MLS- Houston Dynamo

Dynamo advance to 2012 MLS Cup after eliminating D.C. United

For the second year in a row, the Houston Dynamo are headed to the MLS Cup.

This time around, they advanced to the championship after defeating DC United on aggregate goals four to two. This came thanks to a 1-1 draw at RFK Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

Houston came into Sunday’s match with a two-goal advantage on aggregate following a 3-1 win last Sunday at home. With the advantage, Houston headed into the match knowing it would take a strong performance from a DC United offense that was missing Chris Pontius who re-aggravated a groin injury last weekend.

The Dynamo certainly did not need any assistance, but they took advantage of that, as they were the more threatening team for many segments throughout the match. That culminated in an early goal, as Boniek Garcia knocked in the opening goal, which essentially took DC United out of the match and the series.

Garcia was set up by Brad Davis, who found his way into the right side of the box, and tapped it to Garcia who blasted it past United keeper Bill Hamid for his first career playoff goal.

Branko Boskovic was able to put United on the scoreboard, but it was too little too late, as the 82nd minute strike only inched the home squad slightly closer.

Reigning MLS MVP Dwayne De Rosario returned to action for the first time since suffering a sprained MCL in September, as he came off the bench midway through the second half. The midfielder was able to make an impact on the match, but nowhere near the amount that was required for United to complete the comeback.

Houston will now try to complete their own comeback, as they are headed back to the MLS Cup final for the second consecutive season, and fourth championship match in seven years. They await the winner of the Western Conference finals in Seattle on Sunday evening, as Houston will be face off against the winner of the match on the road due to Houston’s fifth place finish in the Eastern Conference regular season standings. An LA Galaxy win would set up a rematch of the 2011 MLS Cup, which the Galaxy won 1-0 at the Home Depot Center.

The 2012 MLS Cup takes place in two weeks on Saturday, December 1st.


What did you think of the match? Will Houston win the MLS Cup, regardless of opponent? What do you think of the job Ben Olsen did this season?

Share your thoughts below.

  • slowleftarm

    Love to see DC headed home and relieved that MLS Cup won’t be held in that crumbling pile of garbage! Wonder what excuses our DC friends will make this time?


    • Mickey Mouse

      No excuses.

      A red card was not called in the first game. Surely would have made a big difference in the series if it had been called. That is a fact.

      But I agree that MLS league did everything possible to prevent DC from hosting MLS Cup.


      • Naked Animals

        MLS has done some suspicious things before, and I’m not suprised that they wouldn’t want the the MLS Cup at RFK (it is old crumbling, and not the best fan experience). With this result it’s looking like another AEG Cup this year (Houston owned partly by AEG, and LA owned completely) if L.A. holds or builds upon their 3-0 aggregate lead tonight.


      • slowleftarm

        I don’t have an “excuse.” I have a reason – the team didn’t play well enough. I don’t start making ridiculous allegations of some sinister conspiracy against my team.


      • g

        Fair enough.
        I’m proud of my team. They made a team based on youth and into a solid squad. Had a good season and made it past the pricey pink drinks to the Eastern Conference final.
        That seminal series is one for the books.
        DC UNITED!


      • goonie

        Houston thoroughly outplayed DC over the 2 legs. DC’s injuries came at an unfortunate time. It took too long to get De Ro into the series, it was too late when he came in.


      • Josh D

        Can’t see how Houston outplayed us at RFK. The second half was a Battle of Helmsdeep and the only way Houston went on the offense, was when there were 9 DC guys in their box and only one defender. And even then they blew it every time.

        Olsen was a fool to take off Dudar. We all knew DC would start lumping up balls and you take off your tallest player?

        Russel was absolutely useless yet again. He should have gone off instead of Dudar.


      • The Imperative Voice

        Sorry but DCU defaulted into lumping crosses into the box and as the announcers astutely noted that is basically what Houston’s defense is set up to repel. Dudar wasn’t going to help.

        Plus the actual game play and momentum suggests that what was actually working for DC were the groundball passes and dribbling that led to goal 1, and the set of players they finished with. My two cents Olsen blew any chance by his coaching, risked too many players first leg, team got worn down and beat, then second leg he was slow to change the players and approach until too late.

        I still don’t think this was going to be DC’s year — I see them as a building team that really needs a striker — but it could have been tighter.


    • ed - houston

      i am still glad DC bounced NYRB from the playoffs… red card or not we still would have advanced.


    • KEEP

      Good on Houston, they played well during both legs and were the better team. We have a great young squad that will be together for a while. No, we didnt make the final, however we DID knock out New York……that was quite fun.


    • Nate Dollars

      um, have you ever been to RFK? it’s a great stadium for big games. it’s the regular season games that bring out the worst in it.


    • FulhamDC

      That crumbling piece of garbage where the USMNT is undefeated? Great, so instead of 47,000 plus, we get some small box on a college campus in LA, where 20 percent of the fans will leave early. But at least now NBC gets to pimp a bunch of old foreign guys. Whoo hoooo!


      • Kris

        Let the fools hate on RFK. I’m a Dynamo fan, but I always love watching games that are at RFK. Sure it’s a little older, but that gives it character! In Houston we had amazing home field advantage over at old Robertson Stadium. The point is the DC fans are what make it great. You guys showed up well yesterday.


      • g

        Cheers, Kris! Your boys shut us down well. If Houston is that solid against LA, you’ll be celebrating again. Good luck.


  • MrMaxican

    Great match from DC, so glad to be going back to the cup. already booked my hotel in LA (with cancellation ins) and have a couch waiting for me in Seattle. Great to have Davis and Clark going to the cup


    • Seth

      Rico was out for the first two cups. To keep winning superstition alive, he’ll need to remain injured.



    I feel for DC. Injuries hurt them and Dynamo were lucky to avoid to the red in the first leg. That’s the nature of the game. We didn’t have Brad Davis for last years final which would have changed the game but ‘ifs’ don’t win championships. Dynamo were the better team in the two legs and deserve to go through to the final. I’ll be heading back to another MLS Cup and hopefully we can bring this one home. In Dom we trust!


  • Ben tucker

    Houston is the equivalent of the early ’90 Bills, lucky to be there and a waste of the fans time once they get to the finals



      I wouldn’t consider watching Houston win 2 out of 3 finals a waste of my time. Go look at our playoff performances and its obvious that its no fluke. Dom is the best coach in league. Year after year he does so much with what he has. We have the lowest salary in the league. Fluke? Please.


  • elgringorico

    DC guy here. Cheers to Dynamo for being the better team in both legs. I will be rooting for you guys for the Cup! Dom, Davis, Ricardo, Tally, etc all deserve it.


  • el naranja

    Every step of the way the media has doubted us. And every step of the way we’ve proven ourselves. Always the underdog. Just the way Dom likes is (kinda…). Vamos Dynamo!


    • Nate Dollars

      don’t know who considered houston underdogs against dcu. houston’s had dcu’s number this year, and with the absences for dcu, it was pretty clear houston was the favorite.


  • Ramon

    I love hearing from all the DC haters out there. It means the club is significant again. I guarantee not another MLS team could not have made it this far with all the setbacks DC had. Ben Olsen did a great job and this team has a lot of heart. Hopefully they complete their stadium deal by 2013 to stay in DC. Congrats to Houston because they out played DC despite the referee’s blunder in the first match. Good luck Houston because you’ll neede it against the Galaxy. Also you’ll miss DeRo for sure. Finally I’d like to say DC did MLS a favor by knocking the pathetic Red Bull. The MLS Cup will benefit from not having a poor product on the field and in the stands.


    • MiamiAl

      Great season for DC United! Young team, young stars, young coach. DC United will be a force for years to come! People can trash talk RFK all they want, what they can’t do is trash talk our record there. Nobody beats us at RFK. Best home field advantage in MLS!


  • Rex

    Come on DC fans. You had a full 90 min at your house with no ‘bad’ calls and the best you could do is 1-1 draw?


  • gray3620

    I saw the first game in Houston and the Orange were clearly the better team. DeRosario entered the game in the second half of the 2nd leg and D.C. responded but too late. Still, he is a force in this league. With 2 weeks to get healthy, I expect Houston to come out firing on all cylinders. It will be close again but this time I expect Houston to win. Momemtum is on our side. Go Orange!


  • Elgringorico

    For those who weren’t at the game, there was a really great moment after the match had ended. Houston was accepting their trophies or whatver but the crowd started the Benny olsen chant and he kind of sauntered over in shame and awe and stared for a couple minutes before going over and hugging all the fans. It was nice.


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