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Altidore scores again to help AZ Alkmaar earn draw (UPDATED-with video)

Jozy Altidore’s place with the U.S. national team may be in limbo, but that isn’t stopping him from continuing to score goals for Dutch side AZ Alkmaar.

Altidore netted his ninth league goal of the season, and 12th in all competitions in AZ’s 2-2 draw vs. ADO Den Haag. Altidore delivered a highlight-reel goal in the 64th minute to help AZ earn a point.

The goal leaves Altidore third in the Dutch League in scoring.

Here is the goal:


do you think of Altidore’s current form? Think he should get a call-up for the USMNT’s upcoming friendly vs. Russia on Wednesday?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Cole

    Should he get called in for the USMNT? Do you need air to breathe? Do you need food for sustenance?


  • Shane

    Klinsmann was at the match until Jozy was named in the starting line-up. Then he left ala dempsey tottenham.


      • SD

        klinsmann was at the tottenham match last week. dempsey came on as a sub and when he did, klinsmann left….


      • Nate Dollars

        sure, it could be bizarre, OR…

        he might just have had to leave at a pre-scheduled time, and there was really no way for him to know when deuce was going to get subbed in.


      • Drewbles

        JK was at the Everton match watching Timmy yesterday, so I don’t understand why this discussion is taking place.


      • Jason

        He left the Tottenham europa game because it was late in the game, he probably assumed he would have been watching him all game, but he came on last and had to get going…hes not going all the way to europe, to one of his players games, just to not watch them as they’re comming into the match.


    • bizzy

      Talk about making something out of nothing (Klinsy!!!). The guy’s skill level has improved immensely.
      “Open defenses in the dutch league” my ass, that goal is one of class.


  • Good Jeremy

    Don’t invite him to nats camp until he proves himself.

    That Chandler guy though, make sure he always has a standing offer.


      • mikeandike

        the worse Chandler plays the better the chance he’s in camp (given his form this year), the better Jozy plays the less likely he’s in camp…


  • kev

    He needs to score 20 goals to be good. 25 to be great. 30 to get a big team to chase him next summer


  • squirt-lover

    To honestly believe that Jozy didn’t deserve a call up recently is insane. I am hoping that the mind games that JK is playing with Jozy takes this gifted player and makes him a top notch player.

    Jozy should be starting up top for the Nats, plain and simple. He is better then EJ, and a better 90 minute player then Herc.

    Why does Jozy wear the “target” of JK’s shenanigans? Duece, like LD, seem to take major minutes off during the game. Their sulking and primadonna attitudes kill me. Sure, they have huge pedigrees and their high skill level can turn the game on a dime instantly. They are our “best players” but seem to need some of the same lessons taught to them that Jozy is getting.

    Under that same vien of thought, if you want to reward hard work, dedication, and a never quit attitude, why hasn’t MB been dubbed captain yet. Is there any question he is the heart and soul of this team? and the leader?


  • David M

    Why do we need Jozy on the national team? We have plenty of proven goal scorers who are tearing up leagues around the world.


    • Keeping_The_Brek_Shea_Faith

      Because Herc and Landycakes are the wrong side of 29 and Wondolowski’s name is a verb. Look to the future. Do we really need a 30+ year old leading our attack? Who are we…Ukraine?


  • 2tone

    Awesome goal. Should be called in for the Russia friendly. JK repair the relationship! You are the manager make it happen.


    • richd

      That opportunity would not have happened in a USMNT game because Jozy would never have gotten the service. The USMNT midfield simply cannot give him the service he needs to be effective. He needs a player like Freddie Adu to whip the ball into the box for him.


      • HoboMike

        Service? The “service” you speak of was a 50-50 header that was not even aimed at him.

        It was a goal that Jozy made out of absolutely nothing, which is what Klinsmann wanted.


      • beachbum

        which Jozy also delivered as asked with that slaloming run from midfield to score…only not to get called up

        your point?


      • HoboMike

        The previous poster said that type of goal would never happen with the USMNT because they don’t provide Jozy service. My point was that Jozy’s latest goal wasn’t the result of good service.


  • Naked Animals

    Jozy is great, honestly I feel like Klinsmann knows this, and he left him off the roster last month to make him hungrier knowing in fact he has the potential to be one of the best US strikers ever.


    • beachbum

      a risky play which EJ delivered in injury time down in Antigua, thank goodness. You can think that is deliverance if you want. What I think it is is more time to figure it out by working freakin hard.
      Always liked both the EJ and Gordon callups too


  • Tab

    Jozy is tremendous. Jozy often gets better service in Holland than he does with the Nats. Jozy has been underperforming with the USA.

    Jozy seems to be a likable and genuinely good guy, but his public [on-line] criticism of Klinsmann was seriously ill-advised.

    Jozy is getting a kick in the pants. For the next round of qualifiers, I’d bet Jozy’ll be in the squad and quite probably starting much of the time.


    • TomG

      I have always said that there are some similarities there. Hopefully he reaches his prime before Drogs did but these big, skilled guys tend to take longer. Absolutely sick goal. O love how Jozy is able to score great goals in all different ways: turns, slaloms, long blasts, tcombinations, bull rushes, bolleys, the list keeps growing. Not even sure what to call that last one. That was just class. The only thing he really needs to add is the head. His heading is pretty average, especially for a big man.


  • Hogatroge

    Apparently Jozy has acknowledged that Klinsmann’s comments were correct about him and that he is determined to improve his attitude.

    Anyone have a source for this info?


    • biff

      Someone on “Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary” says Jozy has been called up for Russia, according to Twitter, but the poster does not name the source. Anyone else hearing this?


  • Brett

    Klinsmann will justify a way to keep him out, and it won’t be hard. YURRRgen wants a pest who can hold up and chase the ball. Jozy won’t do that. He’s a second/support striker not a lone forward. Besides, Jozy has already strapped the gas bombs to the bridge with his criticisms.


  • Adam M.

    All caps reaction quality. His goals this year have been one stunner after another. What a highlight reel he is putting together.


  • Rich

    The skill required to do that reminds me of Bergkamp. Not saying that Jozy is or ever will be that good but damn, that was a good goal.


  • D

    That was two awful touches.

    I imagine the defender and goalie would have liked to touch the ball…..but alas, Jozy lazily and quite poorly touched that ball around the both of them.


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