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Rapids part ways with Casey, seven others

Photo by ISIPhotos.com

The Colorado Rapids have parted ways with forward Conor Casey, the team’s all-time leading scorer, making him one of eight players the team has decided not to bring back in 2013.

“Conor has been an incredibly important part of the Rapids since he got here in 2007, and has forever left his mark on the club,” said Rapids technical director Paul Bravo. “He’s the Rapids’ all-time leading scorer and the MLS Cup MVP in 2010. But after having a conversation with him about his future, we all decided that it was the right time to move on.”

“It was truly an honor to be able to play in front of my hometown fans and to bring a championship to Denver,” said Casey in a statement issued by the Rapids. “While I am sorry to see my time with the Rapids come to an end, I want to thank the supporters here in Colorado for everything they gave to me and the club over the last several years.”

Injuries have limited Casey to just 32 appearances in his past two seasons. He leaves the Rapids having scored a team record 50 goals in 119 games.

The Rapids parted ways with Casey, as well as Edu, Ian Joyce, Tyrone Marshall, Joseph Nane, Scott Palguta, Tyson Wahl, and Luis Zapata.

What do you think of this development? Where do you see Casey going next?

Share your thoughts below.

    • Turgid Jacobian

      Sounds about right. He’s definitely an Arena special. I’m a little worried about the league actually. Was I just preoccupied with Thanksgiving or college foortball and the NCAA tournament in years past, or have there been a lot more large-scale liquidations recently?


      • Marcos

        He doesn’t fit LA’s combination passing style, but they may be looking for a replacement for Buddle.


  • Mysterious J

    That Rapids will struggle to find another player whose head bears a stronger resemblance to a cue ball.


    • AzTeXan

      When you’re looking at a guy like Casey Conor, you’re looking at a guy who bears a strong resemblance to a cue ball, and that’s just not something you can find every day in the Major League Soccer, because in the Major League Soccer it’s not about the Xs and Os, it’s all about the Jims and Joes.


  • Dank

    A player I enjoyed watching a lot. I hope he finds a bench role for a contender. Will always remember his goal against Honduras too.


  • nick

    “That” game in ’09. Will never forget. Good luck to Conor, got a feeling he’ll be with Arena in LA like John said above.


  • Naked Animals

    How would he play at LA? I could see him getting picked up by a San Jose or Portland.


    • beachbum

      he’d be a great fit for LA, wouldn’t have to play too often to keep the injury risk down, and Arena has always liked the physical #9 and knows how to get them goals


  • Mike

    Maybe a Rapids fan can help me out? Why?? Was he out of contract and they decided to just not renew it? If he was under contract why not try and trade him? I’m thinking you could for sure get something for him as Naked Animals said I could see him going to SJ or Portland. Surely one of those two teams would give up a decent draft pick.


    • Brian

      Mike, I have no idea. I’ve been trying to figure out what Bravo has been up to for years. They seem to like starting over every year.


    • Crazy Jon

      Casey was due way too much money for what he has been providing… hes started to break down… its a good decision. Tough, but a good decision nonetheless


    • Jason Maxwell

      He’s on an option year at $400K. The Rapids appeared to want to bring him back at a lower number but apparently couldn’t get a deal done. A $400K salary is hard to trade in this league, especially for a player who’s spent the better part of the last 18 months injured.


    • homerica7

      Well, since Stan Kroenke owns the Rapids also, I will assume he is just doing what he does at Arsenal, which is not invest in the team and hope to make as many profits as possible, especially since we can only sell out games when David Beckham comes to town (or the USWNT). As a season ticket holder, it was pretty disappointing seeing this past crappy season. Our big signing this year was a defensive midfielder who couldn’t hack it at Wigan (Hendry Thomas), so I’m not expecting Kroenke to actually spend money on an attacking DP to replace Conor. At least we got rid of Zapata who had to be one of the worst left backs in the league who was consistently given starts.


  • JL

    Gotta think this is a sign of Pareja turning over the roster to get in more of his players. Casey has a fairly high cap number and if he isnt Paraja type of guy, makes sense to move him along. I think Colorado picks up Luna in waiver draft in the hopes they can shape him to the player Dallas always hoped


    • Beto

      +1 glad he had his moment in the sun.

      As for the rapids: im glad they are starting new. Rebuilding by fire


      • Rory Miller

        Honduras, MLS cup (scored a goal while on his butt, you gotta love that), a great Allstar game where he roughed up Everton’s defenders too even though he didn’t score. He is a bull in a china shop and if healthy could still do the dirty work to help a speedster like Mattocks or Agudelo, someone will give him a shot.

        Will miss my favorite Rapid though…


      • beachbum

        public option would have made it all moot. Now Papa John can give away 2 million pizzas for free bu then bitch about having to come up with 8M for healthcare for his employees…what a maroon. You want to keep this political BS going on here at Ives’ site?

        Boycott Papa Johns


      • beachbum

        too late, but nice obstructionist perspective, just what the country needs right now ;)


  • jeremy

    I could also see him at New England or Columbus, I’m sure someone will pick him up.

    Possibly Philly could use him


  • Han Solo

    Seems to me that clubs who know they will be in the CCL are now thinking ahead for some vets who can give them quality minutes when needed, but not week in and out. He may end up in LA, Houston, SJ, or SKC for that reason for a lower pay


  • Han Solo

    Seems to me that clubs who know they will be in the CCL are now thinking ahead for some vets who can give them quality minutes when needed, but not week in and out. He may end up in LA, Houston, SJ, or SKC for that reason for a lower pay


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