SBI College Soccer Top 25 (Nov. 6th Edition)

As the college soccer regular season winds down, we have a new team at the top of the SBI Men’s Top 25.

And it’s the same team that started the year at the top of the rankings.

Akron University is riding a 12-match winning streak, 11 of those being shutout victories, to a return to the top spot. Maryland took a late-season stumble last week, with a draw and loss (to Wake Forest) in ACC play. That opened the door for the Zips to grab the No. 1 spot.

Wake Forest’s 4-2 win against Maryland helped them catapult eight spots in the latest rankings, while Coastal Carolina extended their winning streak to 13 matches with a 1-0 victory against High Point.

Here is the latest SBI College Soccer Top 25:


(last week’s rank in parentheses)

1. (2)- AKRON (15-1-2)

2. (1)- MARYLAND (14-1-3)

3. (3)- NORTH CAROLINA (15-2-1)

4. (4)- UCONN  (15-2-1)

5. (5)- NOTRE DAME (14-3-1)

6. (6)- GEORGETOWN (15-2-1)

7. (7)- COASTAL CAROLINA (16-1-2)

8. (8)- MARQUETTE (16-2-1)

9. (10)- NEW MEXICO (15-3)

10. (9)- UCLA (12-2-3)

11. (11)- CHARLOTTE (13-2-3)

12. (12)- XAVIER (13-1-4)

13. (13)- SAINT LOUIS (13-4)

14. (16). OLD DOMINION (11-3-2)

15. (15)- VCU (10-2-5)

16. (23)- WAKE FOREST (11-3-4)

17. (19)- CREIGHTON (13-3-2)

18. (14)- LOUISVILLE (12-5-1)

19. (22)- ELON (13-4-2)

20. (17)- INDIANA (11-4-3)

21. (25)- NORTHWESTERN (10-4-4)

22. (18)- BROWN (12-1-3)

23. (20)- ST. JOHN’S (10-4-4)

24. (24)- WASHINGTON (11-4-3)

25. (21)- FURMAN (12-4-3)


HONORABLE MENTION– Penn State (9-4-3), Cornell (14-1), Cal-State Northridge (13-6), SMU (10-4-3), SIU-Edwardsville (12-6), Syracuse (12-6), Tulsa (11-5-1), Niagara (11-1-4), Virginia (9-6-2), Dayton (11-5-1)


What do you think of this week’s rankings? Which team didn’t make the Top 25 that you feel should be there? Which team are you surprised to see in the rankings?

Share your thoughts below.

  • El Matarife

    Nice to see the Zips back up top where they belong. The 1-2 of UA and MD is pretty clear, the rest of the top 10 gets muddy. You could slot ND, UConn, UNC, and Georgetown in any one of those slots 3-6.


  • 2tone

    This site should start doing top College prospects moving onto the MLS at each position now that it’s heading into the stretch run for College.

    One thing NFL blogs to do well is introduce fans to potential College pro prospects.

    I don’t watch much college soccer, so I don’t really know who the top prospects are. Also it allows the MLS community to get to know and discuss about potential players, and their potential draft picks.


    • adam

      We’ve discussed Cornell sooo many times. I think they’re getting slighted a little bit here, but talking about wins and losses isn’t your path toward winning an argument. Their schedule is extremely below average, especially for the top teams in the country, and their last two victories have been one goal affairs at home against weak Ivy League competition…

      The difference between #20 and #30 is pretty negligible, in general, anyhow.


    • David St. Hubbins

      haha what a joke. Cornell’s strength of schedule is laughable. Beating a bunch of ivy league schools is not at all impressive. Oh wow they beat Binghamton University (???) 5-0! Who cares!

      UW beat UCLA at UCLA.

      St. Johns drew Akron, beat syracuse, and its losses are to strong programs like UConn and Louisville.

      etc etc


    • Shane

      John all you have to do is watch Cornell and then watch the top programs like Maryland, Akron, Louisville, and you see the difference in level of play.


  • Mark

    I think Cornell needs to be at least higher than Brown. I don’t feel like Brown’s competition has been any better, and Cornell has a better record (more wins). I assume that Brown is above Cornell because of their victory over Cornell giving them the head to head advantage. But still, more wins. On a side note, which absolutely doesn’t render my comment biased, Go Big Red.


    • adam

      @Washington is a big difference maker in the SoS argument, even though I’m on your side in terms of which team is better.


  • LarryM

    Well, it is certainly nice to see Ivy soccer discussed here. That said, maybe one of these years the college soccer prognosticators will admit that at least one Ivy deserves to be on the top-25 preseason list. That seldom happens, yet year in and year out there is at least one Ivy (usually Brown) that is among the top 25 at the end of the season. This year, it seems pretty clear to me that Brown is doing well with only a so-so team. The same is probably true for Cornell. Brown may be winning more on guts and determination.


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