Stewart reveals AZ received summer bid for Altidore

Jozy Altidore has been playing some of the best soccer of his career since joining AZ Alkmaar in the summer of 2011, and at least one club has taken notice.

According to former U.S. Men’s National Team midfielder and current AZ Director of Football Earnie Stewart, the Dutch team received a late bid for Altidore during this past summer’s transfer window. Stewart did not reveal which club made the bid, but he said it was a team based in a wealthy country in Eastern Europe. Stewart added that the timing of the bid combined with Altidore’s desire to stay at AZ after spending years bouncing around European clubs were factors as to why the bid was not accepted.

In Stewart’s comments about Altidore, he mentioned that big clubs like Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Tottenham scout AZ regularly, though he did not suggest that those clubs have gone to AZ specifically to scout Altidore (the point was more that Altidore’s success at AZ has been noticed because top scouts watch AZ regularly).

The 23-year-old Altidore has improved dramatically in many facets of his game since joining AZ from Spanish outfit Villarreal in July 2011, and he scored 19 goals across all competitions last season.

The U.S. Men’s National Team striker is on pace to surpass that this campaign, as he already has 12 goals in all competitions, a total which surely has clubs keeping their eyes on him.

What do you think of a club making a big for Altidore? How much longer do you see Altidore staying with AZ? What league would you like to see him play in next?

Share your thoughts below.

  • ChrisB

    From a purely developmental standpoint, Serie A? Much more efficient defenses would force him to improve even more…


    • Herc

      Does Italy count as Eastern Europe though? What does “wealthy Eastern Europe” usually entail? Russia? Turkey?


      • ChrisB

        I was replying more to the question of what league we would want to see him in next. But yeah I wonder who it was making the bid…


      • kiev is not in russia

        Ukraine or Russia qualify as “wealthy Eastern European” countries. Estonia does too, but do they even have a football league?


  • Falsify

    I would love to see Jozy do another year for AZ and then hopefully get a look from one of these big time clubs. AC Milan in Serie A anyone?


    • HoboMike

      When is the last time a bona-fide striker made it out of the Italian league? De Natale? Del Piero? At the Euros, Italy’s strikeforce consisted of Balotelli and 3 over-30 players.

      The Italian league stifles strikers with their defensive style, with the rare exception of Toni a few years back.


    • Lorenzo

      To be quite honest, I don’t care where he plays anymore so long as he is successful at a good level and has success with the MNT.


  • Michael R.

    Shakhtar. Jozy changes name to Altidinho.

    More likely, though, I would have bet on one of the Turkish powers. Worse league, but can at least play some CL. Probably a lateral move. Hope his next move is to a bigger league.


  • Eric

    It was probably one of the Russian Premier league teams. There’s a lot of money in some of those team and it’s the only eastern european league I can think of that would likely have the money or the clout to try and make that bid.


  • Micah

    Stewart actually did say those teams (Barca, Chelsea etc) came to see Altidore specifically not AZ as a whole Ives.


    • Ives Galarcep

      No, that is one site’s interpretation of the translation of Stewart’s comments. I have it on very good authority that Stewart’s comments regarding big teams scouting at AZ was a general statement, he never said those teams were specifically there to see Altidore. I’ll stand by OUR interpretation of Stewart’s comments.


  • Tony in Quakeland

    If we can consider Turkey Eastern Europe, then that’s where my money goes. I think he had interest from there before. Whether Turkey is wealthy is another story, but there are a couple of wealthy clubs there…


  • Ben

    “making a big” : getting a move to big club,- nice Franco. Anyhow, people get too choice in their tastes; any place is the big four leagues is still a big deal for American players. I’d welcome any of Germany, Italy, England, or Spain.


  • Darwin

    Russian Premier League has the most money in Eastern Europe. Eto’o, Hulk, Witsel, Danny…
    Maybe Luciano Spalletti was looking to buy Jozy.


  • MikeG

    I hope Altidore stays at AZ for the full duration of his contract. I hope he considers AZ very strongly as his contract comes to an end. AZ has been so good for him. It is as though he is maturing as a player, but also as a man. He is growing up at AZ. Scoring goals is always good, but he is playing better with teammates and is playing better away from the ball too. He is becoming a complete player. Must be the cheese.


  • yikes

    Russia. Jozy would be making several million a year but id imagine he would want a move back to England or France/Italy


  • beto

    glad he stayed. can’t imagine a better place than AZ for him right now. lots of PT, seems to be working well with the rest of the team.. hope they can get into the Europa League.

    I would imagine some stability is a good idea after years of loans, transfers and benches…


  • Gary Page

    Over the summer there were rumors that Huntelaar wanted to leave Schalke. Now if he did, that would be a great place for Jozy–CL and playing with J Jones. I think the bundesliga would be a good place for him.


    • biff

      The soap opera between Klaas Jan Huntelaar and Schalke continues. His contract expires in June and, it appears highly possible that he will not sign the contract extension that Schalke is offering him, so probably would be going in January so Schalke can get at least a few million from a transfer. Huntelaar’s value in August would have been over 15 million euros and in January probably only half that.

      So, yeah, if Huntelaar does leave in January, Schalke will be in an emergency situation and must bring in another striker and that could be a great opportunity for Jozy or even an older striker like Herc Gomez.


      • sly

        Dear god we need him at liverpool. hell id take agudelo at this juncture. Any striker class or no. a top 10 finish would be happiness for me for atleast half an hour.


  • Vic

    Turkey, Russia or Ukraine would be good a far as a better payday but not sure the level is better than Holland. I still don’t see Altidore being a scorer in a top league like EPL, La Liga or Serie A. He hasn’t shown to be a good scorer at the top level for USMNT, EPL or La Liga. Granted he was younger, however, I still don’t see top level finishing skills. I think Altidore would be better off going to a bigger Dutch team like PSV or Ajax. He can continue building his confidence, get a better payday and get Champions Leauge football.


  • AZ

    Teams never make statements like this unless they WANT to sell a player. Stewart is just throwing chum in the water. Jozy had a fantastic start to the season and AZ is hoping to cash in and cut ties. That is not necessarily good news for Jozy fans.


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