U.S. Men's National Team

Studio 90: Klinsmann discusses roster for Russia friendly

  • Yaznasty

    Dude, Allen Hopkins, you’re not fooling anyone, just admit already, you’re just Jozy Altidore with glasses. Superman was just a comic, everyone knows glasses aren’t a real disguise. Also, bring back Heather Soltis.


  • MLS_Soccer_Talker

    ….It’s interesting that this team has a high winning percentage this year..their style of play and inconsistency makes us forget they win games.. But nonetheless, here we are with a last chance to end the year on a real POSITIVE note.

    Russia has been playing great.. I hope we see flashes of brilliance for extended periods of times during this game….

    Let’s see if JK can get a result with this new look team.


  • Josh D

    Love that Klinsi basically admits he told Chandler that the Hex is his last chance to be a part of this team and 2014. Put down the hammer Klinsi!


  • ex_sweeper

    It’s funny to read the German’s press’ take on the USMNT, although I’m sure a lot is lost in translation. Their attitude seems to be a mixture of bemusement and condescension. For example, Sueddeutch.com is aghast that only one reporter is traveling to Russia with the team, compares Klinsmann’s relaxed demeanor to the “Buddha figures that he once set up in the Bayern Munich dressing room”, and quotes the coach as saying “Jermaine Jones has basically taken over the training camp” Oh really?


      • Bobb


        Also, soccer news on that level in countries like England, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc. are basically tabloids. They will say anything, it’s best to ignore their little inside scoops.


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